Expecting MOMs

If you are a first time mother then you will be thrilled, excited and confused. Well you are not alone and it is quite normal to feel a bit worried and anxious about all things baby related. 

I went through a mixture of emotions while I was expecting. I used to read books on baby care, look through websites and google stuff to help find solutions to baby related questions. Since I have some experience in this department I could be of some use right?

I have decided to lend a helping hand by pitching in posts that would help you calm your fears and be more or less relaxed when it comes to being a new MOM. I may not have all the answers you are looking for but I surely hope you find at-least some of them here!!

To make it easier for you to browse the topic of your choice I will just list them out for you. Browse through the headings and read their short summery to know what each one is about then if that is what you are looking for (then great!!) just click on the heading and it will transport you to your desired destination (I mean post!!).

They will just keep on coming as and when I write. So far they are as follows (in no particular order):

Books for Moms..

A list of books form the What to Expect...series to help you through your pregnancy and beyond!! I loved these books and I still use the one related to the Toddler Years. They are simply great. Check them out and see if you want to get yourself a copy.

Baby on Board !!

Wondering what to shop for yourself ? Don't fret I have listed out some of the stuff I bought while my belly was expanding. Check it out and make your own list.....from inner-wear to outerwear, from breast creams to pumps...they are all there. 

B for Baby!!

Hmm...I know you are confused about what to and not to get for your bundle of joy. I was totally confused in this department. But I hope you don't make the mistakes I made....so check out this post and read through. Evaluate the things that you must get and the once you can skip.

Being a Mum

Wondering how I dealt with the whole motherhood thing? I know....I used to wonder how my friend did it!! So just read to find out my journey of becoming the (not so perfect) mother.

To be or not to be?!!

If you are working right now and wondering if you should or shouldn't work then this one is for you. It wasn't easy!! my confessions and confusions about being a working mother. 

If I have missed out anything that you might be interested in then just check out:

Mother's Diary

You will find all of the above mentioned posts and more of my experiences (learning on the job) on being a mother. 

P.S. Motherhood is an endless journey so I know this section will keep on growing!! Drop in often to keep track of new posts on this section.

Thank you!!

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