Hey guys...
Welcome to my blog......

I am more of a private person. I have always kept my views to myself or have expressed them only to my near and dear ones. I keep a journal and pen down my random thoughts just for me to read back and ponder on when time permits. This is the first time I have decided to do something so public. I thought by expressing myself I would meet a whole lot of different people who may share my views or interests or even those who are completely different from me.

I post my entries under various LABELS as you may have noticed. They are just for categorizing but they may cover more areas than the LABEL actually implies. And the number of these may increase on the go when I find more interesting topics to write about or share.

As of now they are:
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Just my random thoughts and perceptions on various matters from daily ordinary stuff to something that crossed my mind or caught my attention.

Memory Lane:  

Things that take me back in time...as you might have guessed from the name.

I have this bizarre love for quotes and saying and proverbs....so I like to search for them under particular categories and share the ones I find amusing with you.   

These are mainly my experiences as a mother. Things that I learned, things that I experienced, things that I do as a mom.....It is a journey that I undertake with my son....a process of learning and growth.

Lessons Learned:

We are constantly learning form our surroundings, for our near and dear ones and form the fabulous blogs that others (like us) write. So I thought I would mention them under this topic as lessons learned. These will be things that I have found useful or helpful in making my life easier or better in someway or the other. They will contain links to sites or blogs from where I adopted this "Lesson".

A Round Up: 

This is a round-up of my posts. A list showing what I have written in a particular span of time or under a particular heading. This will help you find articles at a glance and let you read the ones that you missed or wish to re-read.

My views on relationship, marriage, family life....my role as a wife...my journey into become my husband's best friend and life partner. Trying to fulfill my marriage vows...."until death do us part..." 

Hope you enjoy reading my not so private entries......Please feel free to leave a comment!!! 

Thanks for being a part of my efforts.