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Step 5 to 8 / Resolutions

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. ~ Jim Rohn 

This post is a continuation to my previous 2 posts. In case you missed them, please go back and read:

 Today my post will cover the remaining points, 5 to 8:

5. Be accountable.
The word accountable means: Responsible to someone or for some action; answerable.
When we set resolutions, we need to be accountable. Meaning we need to be responsible for, or answerable to, ourselves or someone else, for our resolutions. How we account for them is entirely upon us.For some, it is easy to be answerable to oneself. Whereas for others, a friend or family member can hold then accountable.

If you like to be your own boss, then it would be helpful to check your progress on a weekly or monthly basis. You can keep a written record of your progress, your difficulties, and how you felt when you did achieve your targets or reached your timeline.

If you choose to tell a friends or family member and have them check on you, then make sure you let them know how you want it done; weekly or monthly, through mails or phone calls.

6. Work up a support system.
A support system is like your own cheering squad. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone who encourages you when you make progress; and say "you can do it", when you doubt yourself? For a support system to work, you will have to tell the people involved, what your resolutions are, and this will in turn add to the accountability factor. 
You could also team up with a friend or a group of friends who have similar goals as yourself, thus support each other and holding each other accountable. 

For example: 
If you plan to wake up early, you could check on your friends and see if any of them would like to do the same. Then try forming a small Facebook group and logging in daily to say how you are doing. Share your comments and keep each other motivated. 
Or if there are just 2 of you then try giving a miss call or sending a message when you wake the other person knows you are up and feel motivated to stick to his side of the bargain.   

7. Motivation and persistence.
For any resolution to work we need to keep ourselves motivated. Lack of motivation, is the key, to us losing interest in our resolutions.
But how do we keep ourselves motivated? We need to constantly remind ourselves of why we made the resolution in the first place. Reviewing the aim behind our resolution constantly and acknowledging our success, no matter how small it may be is important. 

Motivation will fuel us to be persistent and persistence always pays in the long run. Giving up, quitting, and letting go, when we fail to see results is easy, but keeping at it.....persisting, till the end is the difficult part.....but the fruits of persistence will make it all worth while in the end when you finally achieve what you set out to do.

8. Review yourself.
It is easy to go with the flow of things and stick to your resolutions for a matter of months. But when the initial motivation wears off we fall back to our usual ways. To prevent this from happening we need to constantly review our resolutions and mark our progress and set backs.

Reviews can be done on a monthly basis, or once in 3 months or even half yearly. Constant review, will enable us to see some things, which we initially failed to take into account, when we set our resolutions. This helps us to make the required changes to our resolutions, thus making it achievable, at our own pace. 

Mostly we make resolutions, and try to work our way to achieve it, by forgetting our existing sets of habit. We need to break the old habits, so that we can set new ones. And to achieve one resolution, we might have to break a set of 3 to 4 old habits, and cultivate new and better habits. This will take time. There are no short cuts to get to the finish have to simply run the whole race.....and it all begins with taking the first step....and continuing to take smaller, consistent steps in the required direction. 

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  1. To establish a good habit into the character needs a lot of dedicated work to rewire the brain in a systematic way that you have elaborated.


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