Saturday, 25 February 2012

Step 1 to 4 / Resolutions

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit." ~ Aristotle

Last month I had posted on the steps involved in making a resolution. Today's post will cover the first 4 steps in detail. If you missed the previous post please read 'Perseverance'.

Explanations for steps 1 to 4 are given below:

1. Write down your goals.
Our 1st step towards forming a resolution was writing them down. This step is very important as it helps us to emphasize to ourselves what we wish to achieve. 
Our goals may be many but we need to list them anyway. Try to write them in your own style. What I mean is if you like to list them as points, or write a short explanatory passage under each, or if you prefer grouping them under similar goals etc. which ever you feel comfortable.. do it your way. 

I divided mine under groups listed as MIND, BODY & SOUL. Because I found that to be more convenient. Yours could have headings like Financial, Social, Religious and so on depending on what they are...get it!! But then this is just my suggestion you can do it your own way in your own style. 

I will share mine with you to give you an idea.

Mind :
• Read more books.
• Write blog posts.

Body : 
• Convert my walk into a run.
• eat healthy.
• Menu Planing & home cooking.

Soul :
• read the bible.
• pray the rosary.
• meditate / write in my Journal.

Simple right? Yes. But they do require a bit of break down and detailing as to how and what I will do exactly. 
These goals of mine are not specific but at a beginning stage this is like a outline as to how I want to nurture my Mind, Body & Soul and make it last long enough to make them into lasting habits.

2. Break them up into further points / goals.
Our resolutions will require us to change more than a few of our already existing habits or routines. To know what they are we will have to further divide our resolutions into smaller goals.

For example: 
If your resolution is to lose weight then it needs to have a set of habits to help you reach that goal like eat healthy meals, exercise 5 times a week, keep a food journal and monitor your weight weekly and so on. 

3. Devise a plan to help you achieve your goal.
Here we need specific and well defined strategies so we can clearly see what we are going to do - like an action plan. 

Explanation: to lose weight you have decided to exercise 5 times a week. But when and where? If it is early morning then you will require to wake up earlier than you already do. So you have to take that into consideration. Where will you exercise? At home or outdoors? And so on. 

4. Set a timeline to achieve them.
Having a time span to get to your goal will help you to see how you are progressing. Short spans of time to achieve small increments of your resolution will make it easier for you to evaluate your plan and see how you are progressing.
This should be a source of encouragement so be reasonable in the time allotment and in what you are going to achieve. 

Let me explain : 
Suppose you want to exercise at 6am 5 times a week outdoors. You will want to try and master this art within a months time. So for a month just concentrate in getting up early and working out at the desired time. Don't be tempted to set weight loss as the main focus though eventually that is our resolution. 

We will cover steps 5 to 8 in the up-coming post. 

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