Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Midnight Act

The Midnight Act

As darkness conceals the earth,
and the stars glow on the black veiled sky,
I attested a scene of majesty,
as the moon clothed in white royalty,
took her place among the rest.
Like a Queen of brightness and in quest,
for a king, among her subjects just.

Around her dazzled the stars - her subjects,
but none were a match to her brightness,
none as splendid as her.
 No, not even one to attract her.

She was upset and sad,
as she had not found a mate,
and covering herself in the cloud of darkness,
she disappeared into the blackness.
As I gazed and gazed along.


Dear Reader,
Most people consider the moon as being male. But I always have thought of it as being a female. 
Don't ask me why because I may not have substantial evidence for my feelings. For me it just seems to be like a beautiful lonely soul who waits for her knight in shining armor every night and fades away when the sun rises. 
Too romantic? Non- logical ? Yes...I agree it is....but that is the beauty of poetry!! It is left to the poets imagination.
I often feel that the sun is the moon's soul mate but they can't seem to meet due to circumstances. And on days I spot the moon while the sun has just risen or almost going to set I feel happy. It is as though the lovers are sharing sometime together before one fades away.

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