Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Maths Exam

Maths Exam

The night before my examination,
As I lay down for relaxation,
And as I close my eyes,
I dream of maths and X and Y's,
and of roots and squares,
and of triangles and circles round.

I open wide my eyes to stare,
and say to myself it's not fair,
that I should dream of maths again,
when I have had enough today.

I tell myself, that I have prepared well as well can be.
But unfortunately my fate depends on the papers that will be lend to me.
And if it's too long or too short we have just the three hours.

In the examination hall - the next morn,
I console all my friends and say :
"Come on, keep cool, it'll all be fine".
And in my case, I leave my fate in the faith of God.

But in the end it always turns out to be,
not as bad as my nights dream.


Dear Reader,

This poem was written as a Literature exercise in my 10th grade. 
We had learned a poem on fear where the author describes his fear of the dentist. It was hilarious but unfortunately I don't remember its title or the name of the author now. 

We were all asked to write poems about the fears we had and our teacher said the best three would be displayed on the bulletin board. Mine was one of them.....but my maths teacher was shocked that I was terrified of Maths Exams because Maths was my favorite subject. 

I love Maths and that is the one subject I can spend hours practicing....but when it come to Maths Exams I have this constant fear and scary dreams in which I under perform or don't complete my paper and so on. 

Who said you can't fear the thing you love? Some people love "LOVE" but they fear falling into it don't they?


  1. 'This is going to hurt just a little bit' by Ogden Nash. I think that's the poem in 10th grde Lit you're referring to, rite dear?

  2. Oh! yes thank you so much Mareena for the title and the author :)


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