Sunday, 16 October 2011

Life with a Cyst

"Have you ever been hurt and the place tries to heal a bit, and you just pull the scar off of it over and over again."  ~Rosa Parks

 I have been living with a cyst for the past two months. It was quite small when it first appeared. It didn't bother me much though I knew that it was there. After a while I began to notice that it was increasing in size. I still chose to ignore the small growing pimple as I thought it was some kind of heat boil that would eventually disappear on its own. But the sad fact is it didn't go anywhere.

The medical name for this is something that I can't seem to remember but I prefer to call it a cyst as that is what the dermatologist told me. Oh! yes I did go to the doctor for help finally after my DH saw how big my cyst had gotten. He got petrified and so did I after seeing his reaction.

After consulting with a dermatologist who said this was a job for a surgeon as it has to be removed by surgery due to its size and ability to grow I was referred to a surgeon. By this time I was terrified as I had thought this was a heat boil and even if it wasn't it could be removed by applying some cream. Now the annoying cyst which if left undisturbed would have grown so big that it would become imposable for me to conceal it with my hair. And I didn't want that to happen and scare people with a cherry size bulb on my head so I obediently went to the surgeon and she seemed undisturbed at the sight of my growth and said it will require a surgery that would just take a matter of 15 - 20 min. and she assured me it was nothing to be scared of ( I think she could read my face). For a surgeon who did major operations on a daily basis this was something silly and small but for me who for the first time had a growth on my head (an extra brain as my sister called it) it was nothing normal.

I had it removed finally before I went on vacation and all that remains now is a small scar concealed from view thanks to my hair. As disgusting as it was it did teach me a few things. The cyst was caused by some kind of scratch or bruise that took place on my scalp and over time it became small pimple sized and got bigger and bigger.

You see most of us have scars from the past...a bad relationship, a sad incident, someone hurt us with their words....someone commented on our inability to lose the baby weight, our boss called us lousy and incompetent even though we work endlessly....and so on! If we leave these scar unattended it will mean danger as the pent us emotions will only harm us in the long run. That doesn't mean we tell them what we feel right on their face cause this will just make things worse, ruin relationships and make us regret our actions. So what do we do? We learn to deal with it. Simple right? But how?
If something is bothering you then you need to address the issue and accept the fact that so and so incident is actually bothering me. Accepting it makes it a lot easier to deal with. Next do something to get rid of this feeling....don't bottle it up but get rid of it in a creative and tactful way.
Here are some ways that works for me.......

1. Talk yourself into a good mood.
2. Talk to someone who will have the patience to listen to you vent your frustrations.
3. Write a hate letter to the person who hurt you. Read it trough and then tear it off. 
4. Write in your journal about the incident. Try to figure out why so and so incident made you feel sad.
5. Talk to someone who will and can offer a solution.
6. Listen to some soothing music....that will make you feel better.
7. Watch a movie that is hilarious!!
8. Read a motivation quote or book.
9. Go for a long walk....or engage in some physical activity.
10. Last but not the least....or perhaps the most important rule is: Don't take anything personally. This one works I swear. If you let what others say and do affect you then you will always be in a state of stress. But most of the time the comments or actions are not meant for is like you were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

So there you have it...... a few things that you could do to get rid of that emotional cyst before it gets bigger!! Take action and live a more relaxed is small and you don't need to make it more complicated than it already is do you?


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