Monday, 31 October 2011

Even Never

Even Never

When he looks, she draws her eyes away,
and when she looks he does the same.
Yet he knows and she knows too,
that each is made for the other.
It is kind of like a spell,
binding two together.
And though one does not tell the other,
the feelings are clearly sensed.
There will come a time,
when eyes will speak,
and lips utter no words.
When eyes will glance into eyes,
to see the message deep within.

I wonder when that time will come,
when the two open up to each other.
Maybe soon, maybe later...
or even never.

Dear Reader,

This one needs no introduction.....does it? Anyone who has been in his or her teens would at some point of their life fall into what they believe is LOVE. But the truth is it is just infatuation and with the passage of time it tends to fade away mostly.
For me any form of attraction is not love until it materializes into a bond that lasts for a life time. 

I know many who have fallen in and out of love numerous times while there are still others who are married to their childhood friend who they later began to love. 

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