Monday, 17 October 2011

Elder Sister

Elder Sister

Being the eldest,
is quite a painful stress,
thrust upon you by the rest,
for you are expected to be at your best.

But then you tend to realize,
that your place has been taken away,
by a very own part of you.

Everyone loves her more,
and she is the apple of daddy's eye.

The place which I once cherished long ago
is now just a dream,
long lost and gone.

It seems to be just not fair,
no one even seems to care.
Not a little, not a bit,
of what you wish to share.

And at times I feel a certain joy within me,
as I realize that once,
though long ago,
I too was someone great.

At least I was the first to cherish that place,
and my sister is only the next.
Dear Reader,
I would like to give a short summary for this poem. I had written this when I was in my early teens. These feeling towards my sister was evoked after I had a fight with her regarding some silly matter. But then my feeling were aggravated to pain because my dad preferred to take sides with my sister because she was much younger than me. To a strong willed teenager it seemed unfair and I started inking my thoughts which seemed to flow in the form of rhyming words. Thus I discovered that I could write poems.

I know they aren't perfect....yet I am grateful to my sister and my teenage hormones for introducing the world of poetry to me. This was one of my 1st creations and I began to develop a love for writing pores and poems in the years that followed.


  1. I am happy to knw that i was a source of motivation for u :)guess i should also write one titled younger sister ;)

  2. Yes you may very well do that :) Thanks for the comments sis!!

  3. Good one Ranji ... Liked it! Reminded me of my post 'Being the eldest' -

    though I thought it was a priviledge being eldest during earlier days.

  4. Thanks Dev :)
    I too agree that being the eldest is a privilege..I prefer to be the eldest and my sister likes to be the youngest...I think it suits the both of us better!!


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