Monday, 31 October 2011

Even Never

Even Never

When he looks, she draws her eyes away,
and when she looks he does the same.
Yet he knows and she knows too,
that each is made for the other.
It is kind of like a spell,
binding two together.
And though one does not tell the other,
the feelings are clearly sensed.
There will come a time,
when eyes will speak,
and lips utter no words.
When eyes will glance into eyes,
to see the message deep within.

I wonder when that time will come,
when the two open up to each other.
Maybe soon, maybe later...
or even never.

Dear Reader,

This one needs no introduction.....does it? Anyone who has been in his or her teens would at some point of their life fall into what they believe is LOVE. But the truth is it is just infatuation and with the passage of time it tends to fade away mostly.
For me any form of attraction is not love until it materializes into a bond that lasts for a life time. 

I know many who have fallen in and out of love numerous times while there are still others who are married to their childhood friend who they later began to love. 

Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Midnight Act

The Midnight Act

As darkness conceals the earth,
and the stars glow on the black veiled sky,
I attested a scene of majesty,
as the moon clothed in white royalty,
took her place among the rest.
Like a Queen of brightness and in quest,
for a king, among her subjects just.

Around her dazzled the stars - her subjects,
but none were a match to her brightness,
none as splendid as her.
 No, not even one to attract her.

She was upset and sad,
as she had not found a mate,
and covering herself in the cloud of darkness,
she disappeared into the blackness.
As I gazed and gazed along.


Dear Reader,
Most people consider the moon as being male. But I always have thought of it as being a female. 
Don't ask me why because I may not have substantial evidence for my feelings. For me it just seems to be like a beautiful lonely soul who waits for her knight in shining armor every night and fades away when the sun rises. 
Too romantic? Non- logical ? Yes...I agree it is....but that is the beauty of poetry!! It is left to the poets imagination.
I often feel that the sun is the moon's soul mate but they can't seem to meet due to circumstances. And on days I spot the moon while the sun has just risen or almost going to set I feel happy. It is as though the lovers are sharing sometime together before one fades away.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Maths Exam

Maths Exam

The night before my examination,
As I lay down for relaxation,
And as I close my eyes,
I dream of maths and X and Y's,
and of roots and squares,
and of triangles and circles round.

I open wide my eyes to stare,
and say to myself it's not fair,
that I should dream of maths again,
when I have had enough today.

I tell myself, that I have prepared well as well can be.
But unfortunately my fate depends on the papers that will be lend to me.
And if it's too long or too short we have just the three hours.

In the examination hall - the next morn,
I console all my friends and say :
"Come on, keep cool, it'll all be fine".
And in my case, I leave my fate in the faith of God.

But in the end it always turns out to be,
not as bad as my nights dream.


Dear Reader,

This poem was written as a Literature exercise in my 10th grade. 
We had learned a poem on fear where the author describes his fear of the dentist. It was hilarious but unfortunately I don't remember its title or the name of the author now. 

We were all asked to write poems about the fears we had and our teacher said the best three would be displayed on the bulletin board. Mine was one of them.....but my maths teacher was shocked that I was terrified of Maths Exams because Maths was my favorite subject. 

I love Maths and that is the one subject I can spend hours practicing....but when it come to Maths Exams I have this constant fear and scary dreams in which I under perform or don't complete my paper and so on. 

Who said you can't fear the thing you love? Some people love "LOVE" but they fear falling into it don't they?

Monday, 17 October 2011

Elder Sister

Elder Sister

Being the eldest,
is quite a painful stress,
thrust upon you by the rest,
for you are expected to be at your best.

But then you tend to realize,
that your place has been taken away,
by a very own part of you.

Everyone loves her more,
and she is the apple of daddy's eye.

The place which I once cherished long ago
is now just a dream,
long lost and gone.

It seems to be just not fair,
no one even seems to care.
Not a little, not a bit,
of what you wish to share.

And at times I feel a certain joy within me,
as I realize that once,
though long ago,
I too was someone great.

At least I was the first to cherish that place,
and my sister is only the next.
Dear Reader,
I would like to give a short summary for this poem. I had written this when I was in my early teens. These feeling towards my sister was evoked after I had a fight with her regarding some silly matter. But then my feeling were aggravated to pain because my dad preferred to take sides with my sister because she was much younger than me. To a strong willed teenager it seemed unfair and I started inking my thoughts which seemed to flow in the form of rhyming words. Thus I discovered that I could write poems.

I know they aren't perfect....yet I am grateful to my sister and my teenage hormones for introducing the world of poetry to me. This was one of my 1st creations and I began to develop a love for writing pores and poems in the years that followed.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Life with a Cyst

"Have you ever been hurt and the place tries to heal a bit, and you just pull the scar off of it over and over again."  ~Rosa Parks

 I have been living with a cyst for the past two months. It was quite small when it first appeared. It didn't bother me much though I knew that it was there. After a while I began to notice that it was increasing in size. I still chose to ignore the small growing pimple as I thought it was some kind of heat boil that would eventually disappear on its own. But the sad fact is it didn't go anywhere.