Sunday, 11 September 2011

Organizing 101

Organize your life around your dreams - and watch them come true.”~ Unknown

As mentioned earlier in one of my previous posts I have successfully completed one year of blogging. Unlike other blogs where they organize give-away, contests and prizes I can't do all that so I thought why not give you a tour around my blog.
Yep! a tour. If you are new around here then this will be quite helpful as it will give you a chance to check out my previous posts. If you are someone who have followed me right from the start then this could help refresh you memories on the posts that you read once long ago and conveniently forgot all about it.

Today we will be covering topics that I have written on organizing, time management and schedules. As a full time working mom I can tell you that trying to keep a clean house and forming new habits and managing time wasn't easy for me and is still an area that I struggle with. I often fall into a "I don't care about this mess anymore" and let the house look like a dumping yard and then all of a sudden jump back into "I need to clean this mess" mode. It is an on and off cycle....some days I can do it all and some days I can do some of it but on most days I prefer to ignore it.

If you are someone who has a sink full of dishes to wash, a laundry basket full of clothes, a table full of God knows what, a cupboard full of stuff that you wont fit into until you lose another 10kilos, a floor covered with toddler toys and even some pots n pans which your little one managed to steal from your kitchen to add to his play things then I have just one thing to say to you:
You are not alone my friend!! Sometimes you need to get down on all fours and play elephant with your toddler than scrub the floors.....right?

Now the list follows......with the opening lines from my on the topic heading to take you directly to the concerned post.

Organizing 101:

There are a quite a few things that you have to learn to live with on becoming a mother. One of the things is that your house isn't going to be picture perfect from now on.

My dad always woke up at 4:30am despite what day it was. He showed no partiality what so ever to any day of the week...

A few days back I was discussing some work related issues with my husband (my adviser in adversities) he gave me an excellent suggestion on how to reduce work related stress.

Clean and organized spaces (be it big or small) offer a visual treat, a mental calmness and a somewhat unexplainable feeling of happiness (I am not exaggerating).

As part of being in the organizing clinch for the past month or two I have embarked on a mission to learn something new and interesting to make my life more organized and manageable.

Do you have a cupboard overflowing with clothes? Do you feel that all the clothes you have in there are being used by you at sometime or the other through out the year?

Today I am going to share with you the amazing power of 15. Just 15min. is all you need to invest in doing a little organizing that you always wanted to do. Don't believe me...I urge you to try it.

My bed is my favorite spot in my room. It has been so for a very long time. In my college days my hostel bed served as a multifunctional unit.

When you become a mom there is one thing that you tend to neglect and that is your looks. 
How would you define the word "Weekend"
Weekend is a term used in combination with workweek. 

If you are a follower of FLYlady then chances are that you have a morning routine already.
But are you happy about your routine?

It is not easy for someone like me to assign days for some of the tasks I wish to do. These are tasks that I definitely enjoy but somehow get pushed off because they can be termed as indulgences....

So there you have it. Next week it will be on some feel good about yourself posts!! Till then keep reading.

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