Tuesday, 6 September 2011

On Vacation!!

"A vacation is like love: anticipated with pleasure, experienced with discomfort, and remembered with nostalgia." ~ Evan Esar

So finally I am off for a month long vacation. After almost a year and 3 months the grandparents from both side of the family will be able to see their first grandson. Yes!! my parents and DH's parents are all excited to see their grandson. I hope his naughtiness which to them would seem like cuteness will not aggravate to such an extent that I find it difficult to control him when we finally get back and resume our life of threesome.

Being a mom when your parents are around can be quite difficult. They haven't seen me in this role before because I was there only for a span of 3 months after my delivery. During this time my son was a tiny person who if put anywhere would remain there till I chose to move him. But now its quite the opposite....he moves in lightening speed and could break anything that comes in his way and even hurt himself. This calls for a bit of (or a lot of ) disciplinary actions from my part.

Apart from that I have this constant fear of him falling sick due to change in location, climate, more exposure to the environmental elements since he will be no longer caged in a studio apartment where the 4 walls could keep him safe. But all this fear could hold me back from enjoying my vacation and moreover from seeing my son basking in the warmth and affection of his grandparents.

Grandparents are bound to spoil there grandchildren....who knows better than me after all I was royally pampered when I was small. Compared to me I think my son is far better. I was notorious for falling into trouble. I go looking for it. When I cast my son in my place and look at the situation that I had got myself into when I was a toddler then I freak out. My mother was a brave lady and I can totally understand and relate to her being the strict (and scary) mother those days. I was so dam terrified of her and the mere mention of her name would make me all goody goody.

Now there would be a repetition of the same scenario with a reversal in roles....my ones strict mum will become the doting grandmother...my dad was always lenient so he would just become more lenient and I would be the strict mom. But the tragedy is my son is not terrified of me. He just continues to do his mischief while I am yelling at the highest possible pitch NOooooo.....(something I didn't know I was capable of untill quite recently).

Well my dear reader I hope this month will be a good one for me and for you. Hope you will enjoy reading and going through some of my old posts while I am absent from the blogging scenario. I have lined up some round - ups listing my old posts from this blog which are scheduled to appear every Sunday of this month.
Hope you will enjoy them!!

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  1. Have a great vacation Ranji :-) ... I can totally relate to your angst & excitement.


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