Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Why Do I Blog??

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” – Albert Schweitzer

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This month I have been reading loads of blog posts that were related to blogging. The how to blog better, how to schedule your posts in advance, how to get ideas on blogging topics, how to get readers and followers and so on.
To tell you the truth I was a bit carried away reading all the advice and suggestions given out by some blog authors. They were quite valuable and insightful. But unfortunately for someone like me it was overwhelming.

I began to dwell deeply on the "how to" articles that I read. And question my abilities and the purpose of my blog. There are a few things that concerned me about my blog like:

1. My blog was a free blog (I don't have my own dot com).
2. I did not have much followers.
3. I have no idea if people who read my blog actually like it or not.
4. Less comments. Apart form my sister and DH who make it a point to comment on most of my articles and a few friends who also take the trouble to do the same I have absolutely no one commenting on my posts.
5. I do not schedule my posts in advance. I did try doing it a few times but I wasn't able to plan and schedule post for a span of time like for a month or so....mine was limited to a few days in advance or a week max.
6. I am not a consistent blogger. Meaning I do not have posts every week on a specific day or a specific keeps changing. This is because I do not schedule.
7. I run out of ideas or things to write about and I am quite for a while.....absent form the blog!!
8. If you ask me what my blog is about then......I have to say it covers my thoughts on everything and practically talk about a number of things but it cannot be tagged as being just one thing or having just one intention.  

So there you see....I was really depressed and confused as to how to make it better....get more followers....get more people to read my blog....get more consistent and deliver the best posts or article to my readers and so on.

While I was busy doing all this I forgot the one thing that mattered to me.....I forgot the reason behind my blog.....the "why did I start blogging?" question.
Everyone starts blogging for a reason right? And sometimes rediscovering that reason can bring us back to reality and make us feel that we are Good Enough to be blogging and our blog is worth it.

I began to ask myself why I had started blogging a year back (around this time). Let me share with you the WHY? behind my blog.

I am someone who was quite contended recording my thoughts in a journal until one fine day a close friend of mine announced to me that she had a blog. I willingly explored her blog and the stuff she wrote about. They were interesting, funny, simple everyday things....she wrote her mind openly. I loved it and then thought why not give it a try.
I love writing....but I have not written I said it was all in my journal. The blog would be an amazing medium to tell what I feel in a more public way. Let my thoughts out into the open for others to read. But I was still scared....I wasn't sure I would stick with this blogging idea for long. I wasn't sure I would be able to express myself well when I am blogging. Writing private thoughts and views are quite different as no one will judge you...but writing for others to read is quite a sensitive issue. I wasn't sure I was ready for this. So the only people who had access to my public Journal was my DH and my sister...and I added my dad's email I.D. to the list so that he would get my blog posts in his mail.
Those were the few who knew about it. Then as I began to get confident I decided to tell my close buddies. I never had the courage to share it even in FB until recently.

I never once worried as to how many followers I had. The numbers never really mattered to me. I was happy just expressing myself on topics that were occupying my mind at that time. I am more of a spontaneous author thus I couldn't predict what I would blog about next. I had a wide rage of topics that interested me and I began to categorize them as much as I could. Gave my posts a Label or a category to fall under. I read more blogs. Became friends with some great blog authors. Some of them even became my followers and dropped comments. My numbers increased from 2 to a present 11. Though I have less people as followers I am sure that there are some people out there that read my blog.

Does my blog give a good first impression? Does my readers like what they read? Does my followers like my blog? Do they even they even read?
Well if I have to deal with all this and try to please the public I might just lose interest in blogging altogether. Because that is not my purpose. My purpose is to express myself and by doing that I feel good....I love blogging. Blogging for me is like a hobby. And at different stages of my life I have had different hobbies....some of them evolved some of them have disappeared and some of them are records...but most of them are passions that I have enjoyed and shared with just a handful of  people.

And as far as my blog creating a good first impression goes.....I wouldn't worry too much because personally I have never managed to make a good first impression on anyone except on my DH. But I always create a lasting impression on people when they get to know me better....and so will my due course of time!!

I love my blog and I am a Be Enough blog Author. I am linking this post to Be Enough Me Monday Link up at:


  1. Glad that you are learning to love the blogging process. You really do have to decide that you are doing it just for you.

  2. Hii Jessica,
    Thanks for reading and commenting :)

  3. The power of paradigm shift is the essential power of quantum change, whether that shift is an instantaneous or the slow and deliberate process.

  4. Thanks DH for the comment. I will try to keep this in mind :)

  5. :-) Good One! I have to say one upon a time I was crazy about blogging and tried to post an article 1st and mid of very month. But now it has been ages. Keep up the good work ... love your articles .... looking forward to more.

  6. Thanks Dev!! Waiting for more from you too!! Hope you have lots to share with us when you finally have the time :)


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