Thursday, 28 July 2011

Wonderful Fridays!!

"Always strive to excel, but only on weekends."  ~Richard Rorty

It is not easy for someone like me to assign days for some of the tasks I wish to do. These are tasks that I definitely enjoy but somehow get pushed off because they can be termed as indulgences in the dictionary of a working MOM.  Like say I want to pamper myself.....or apply some home beautifying ideas I had in mind....or bake a cake......and so on.
What would you do in this case? You want to do it but can't fit it in on your weekly schedule cause it is already too full. Want to know what I did?

Like most of you I feel kind of guilty doing things that I enjoy on a daily basis. For me my working days are too full anyway and as a result even though I assign them to one of the days it kind of always goes unnoticed or undone. But somehow we need to include them to add a bit of zest in our lives because the things that we deem as selfishness is exactly what we need to recharge our batteries.

So what I finally did was pick out a weekend and assign a theme for each one. We have 4 weeks in a month = 4 weekends right? I get 2 days off -Friday and Saturday...... so I decided to give each of my Friday a theme and follow it for that weekend. It is simple...I just need to decide what to do on that weekend in-order to honor my chosen theme.

They are as follows:
1st Friday's Theme: Project 101 
This day will be dedicated to the long list of organizing / home improvement ideas I have. I will just pick one and work on it. If it is a big one then I will split it and work on it for 2 days. 

2nd Friday's Theme: The art of Baking
I am not much of a baker. But I want to learn and become an expert some day. So in an effort to be a baker I browse cooking blogs to get simple baking recipes which will help me bake and learn this art. I will be trying out my hand at this on the 2nd Friday or Saturday (whichever is convenient) of each month.

3rd Friday's Theme: Pamper Mission
It is nice to have pamper missions on a weekly basis but I somehow neglect them if I plan to do it every week. But if I assign it on one of the weekend of the month then I am likely to get it done. Like apply a hair pack, face pack or elaborate body scrub.

4th Friday's Theme: Blog Planing
Blogging is my hobby. And I love this new hobby a lot but if I want to keep on blogging I need to do a little homework right? So I have decided to work on it a bit. Like think of topics I would want to write posts on...maybe work on my style of blogging and so on.                      

The above plan will take shape starting from next month...i.e. the month of August. I have already tested it for the month of July and it seemed to be fine. I baked a cake on the 2nd weekend of this month. I did a pamper mission (applied a hair pack) on the 3rd weekend of July. I hadn't planned what to do on the 4th weekend but I did think a lot about how to better my blog and what posts to write I assigned that week for my blog. Since I started off from the 2nd weekend I didn't try out the 1st theme yet. Anyway will let you know how my Friday's Theme turns out. So stay tuned!!

I believe that a little indulgence goes a long indulge yourself a little each weekend by giving it a theme / a title / a name. It will help you recharge yourself a little one weekend at a time without feeling overwhelmed or guilty. But please make sure you pick up tasks you enjoy or that which will help you have a good weekend not burden you and leave you drained.

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  1. Great idea...!

  2. Great ideas! Especially the pampering! :) Thank you for linking up with us. Blessings xoxo

  3. Thanks I am glad you liked it !!


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