Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Things I Like About Me

“To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance” ~ Oscar Wild

I believe being women we have a natural ability to make lists (well sticking to it is a totally different issue LOL!!)
Anyway as I was saying we make To-Do lists, grocery shopping lists, weekly cleaning lists, monthly cleaning lists....and lists referring to the lists we made. But have you ever made a list titled "Things I like About Me"?
So that is what we will be doing today. I challenge you to make a list about the things that you like about yourself.

In one of my earlier posts "LOVE yourself.."  I had made some suggestions on how to love oneself and the 4th point was as follows:

 "4. Write down: Sometimes it helps to write down things that you love about yourself. It will give you a boost. So pick up that pen and start listing the things you like about yourself."

Now it is time for me to make that list and post it for all to see. You may be wondering why I am doing this? So let me brief you on that a bit. Elena @ CiaoMom is doing a link up celebrating the things we like about ourselves so I thought I should give it a shot.

Now let us proceed to the list....shall we?

Things I like about Me

1. I like my teeth - They never needed braces....they were naturally in line and look great.

2. I like my smile - Thanks to my teeth I manage to give a toothy smile (like the ones you see in the toothpaste adds).

3. I like my eyes - They add to the overall appeal of my face. And I require minimum effort (make-up wise) to make them look stunning.

4. I like my eyebrows - They are naturally well shaped. I can go without threading (shaping) them for months and it still looks good.

5. I like my dimple - I have just one dimple on my right cheek. They appear when I smile (or frown) and I love them.

6. I like my unmanageably curly hair - They do drive me nuts but I like them as they look thick and full (even when I was battling with excessive hair fall). 

7. My arms - They are not well toned but they are definitely strong as they help me do push-ups and even carry my toddler around when he gets fussy.

8. My legs - Again not sexy and sleek but strong. They help me walk, climb steps, and jog. 

9. My shoulders - They are quite broad and I don't need a shoulder pad in my clothes thanks to them.

10. My tummy - They serve as a measure for me to start working out (exercising). So I like them....they give me a reason to get off my butt and do some crunches.

11. I like my body shape - I don't know which fruit describes my body..... but I do know it is not pear shaped (I guess I am an apple then). I am happy with my not-so feminine shape as it lets me wear pants, jeans and trousers without being conscious about my thighs and hips.

12. I like my ability to write about random topics on the spur of the moment within a limited span of time (that is how I write my blog posts).

13. My cooking skills - I like them though they are not fantastic as I can come up with fast and easy meal solutions when there is less time and few resources at hand. 

14. I am a good friend - I know that and I love it. I see everyone as my friend...and relate to them on that plane.... including my parents, sister, husband and now my toddler.

15. I love my feet - I forgot about this....I really really love my feet. They are not at all famine...they don't fit into most of the shoes that are made for ladies (the pretty ones that you so want to wear) but they are a smaller version of my dad's feet and they are pretty cute.

There you have list of things I like about Me. Wow!! that was a bit hard but I managed to reach 15!!

Note: The list (as you might have noticed) mainly deals with my physical aspects (eyes, teeth...and so on). Why? Well to be quite frank I do acknowledge my abilities, talents and skills to myself and I can handle it when someone complements me on them. But when it comes to my physical aspects....I take criticisms to heart and can't accept a complement when I get one. And by listing them I realized that I am a healthy, strong and well endowed woman. 

So hope you too will make your own "Things I like About Me" list as soon as you finish reading mine. All the best ladies!!

P.S. ~ Trust me it really helps....makes you feel like a helium balloon.


  1. this is an amazing work. normally everybody think in a negative way about their characteristics and keeps the list in their mind accompanied with the worries. nevertheless this passage made me to think to list out my points....thank you

  2. Thanks DH...I got inspired by reading the link ups @ Ciao was a nice exercise..I enjoyed listing out the things I like about me.

  3. This....". And by listing them I realized that I am a healthy, strong and well endowed woman." is why Things I Like ABout Me is so important. Thank you so much for linking up.

  4. Thanks was a gr8 experience!! quite an eye opener :)


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