Sunday, 24 July 2011

How to have A Simple Morning Routine!!

"Some of the routines come back very easily. We do it off the top of our heads." ~ Jerry Stiller

If you are a follower of FLYlady then chances are that you have a morning routine already.
But are you happy about your routine? Do you think you need to change it a bit? Does your routine help you to kick start your day in style?

Or are you planing to have a Morning Routine? If so read on......

After becoming a follower of FLYlady I was inspired to set up routines as the FLYlady suggested. So I made elaborate and detailed routines.

Take a look at my Morning Routine.....

My Morning Routine:
Wake up 5am
Weigh yourself
Brush teeth
Drink water
Exercise 20min.
Get dressed (hair and make-up included)
Read the Bible
Prepare breakfast and pack lunch
Have breakfast
Pack V's bag (my son's bag to send to the baby sitter)
Wake V and get him ready
Do a last minute check of house (off lights, trash, off A/ on)
Leave house by 7:30am

This is what I wanted to do. But this one didn't work. Why?
My DH decided to go for a run as part of his new workout routine...meaning he would leave at 5am and come back at about 6am. Chances of my toddler waking up when there is no one next to him (we co-sleep) is like 90% and this will prevent me from carrying out my routine.

What should I do......
......when I didn't want my routine to sabotage DH's aim to workout in the morning?
......when I wanted to ensure that my toddler would have one of us in bed with him if he woke up so he could get that extra hour of sleep?

So I re-evaluated my routine and this time I included my DH in it. He wanted to help and I was happy to assign some tasks to him. Here is what I did....

My Morning Routine (Revised):
Wake up 5am  Wake up at 5:45am
Weigh yourself
Brush teeth
Drink water
Exercise 20min
While DH gets ready (6am - 6:30am):
~ Pack lunch for us
~ Pray (simple morning prayer)                                                               
Bathe & Get dressed (by 7am)
DH makes breakfast (milk n cereal)
Have breakfast with DH
Pack my son's bag  DH will pack V's bag
Wake V and get him ready  DH will wake V and get him ready
Do a last minute check of house (off lights, trash, off A/ on)
Leave house by 7:30am

So there this is what I am following currently. And this is also subjected to changes if the need arises (in the future).

So like me if you want to make a your Morning Routine effective follow these simple steps:

1# Write down a Morning Routine for yourself.
~ Number each and allot a time slot for each.

2# Test you Routine.
~ You need to see if your set routine is working for you so give it some time (a trial week).

3# Make note of how you feel while following your routine.
~ Remember that routines are meant to help us on a day-to-day basis.

4# Re-evaluate your routine.
~ Cross out stuff you can skip form your routine.
~ Assign tasks from your routine to someone else if you can like you DH or room-mate or house help.
~ Shift the ones that can't be done in the morning and move it to your Afternoon or Evening routine.

5# Be flexible.
~ Accept the fact that your routines will change.

6# Be considerate of others.
~ If you have a room-mate, a kid, hubby or anyone else living with you then you need to consider their routines or take into consideration that your routines will not hinder theirs. 

So there you have it...simple right? I hope my example and steps help you re-evaluate your Morning Routine and make changes (if needed) to make it work for you.

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  1. Hi there! I love how you changed your routine because it didn't work for you. That's so important! Routines can be great, but if they only make you feel guilty because you're unable to do them, well, that just doesn't work. Good luck!

  2. Hii Maaike...
    Thanks for ur comments :) I am so glad you liked it!! Ur post was an inspiration so I added it for other to read through.


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