Thursday, 21 July 2011

Have a Stress free weekend!!

“Sometimes the most important thing in a whole day is the rest we take between two deep breaths.” ~ Etty Hillesum 

How would you define the word "Weekend"?

Weekend is a term used in combination with workweek. The week (7days) is divided into two parts - 1st part consists of  5 working days and the 2nd part consist of 2 off days (usually).
So they are your days OFF work or at-least meant to be so.

If you are stressed over the weekend then you are packing on too much things to do on your off days. I know this is the case with most working mothers. And it is definitely the case with me.

Let me take you through my weekend so you get a clear picture of what I am talking about.

I get 2 days off that is Friday and Saturday.....meaning my weekend begins on Thursday.
Thursday: We have dinner from out and watch a movie. In short Thursday can be termed as  the date night!!

Friday: I make a grocery list and a long To - Do list.

Friday's are our grocery shopping day. So we head out and roam the isles of the supermarket filling our trolley with things on the Grocery list. 


Saturday: I look at the long To-Do list that I had put up on the refrigerator door the other day and think...."Gosh!! I have done only Grocery shopping...need to complete.....all this".

Saturday is my cooking day. I cook a curry, some veg side dishes, and half-cook some items to help me whip up quick snacks or meals for the rest of the week. Sometimes DH takes over the main non-veg dish (chicken or fish curry...) and I just make the side to accompany them. 

Let us hop-skip and jump to the end of the day......
By 9p.m. I realize that I have managed to complete almost half of the stuff in my list but I haven't crossed out all of them. The ones I have crossed out would be the ones I usually do and it has become a routine now so I don't actually need a list to remind me to do Grocery shopping on Friday and Cooking on Saturday. The others will be stuff I want to squeeze into my routine. But 90% of the time these new additions will be left unchecked.

Result: I am not so happy by the end of the weekend. 

What am I doing wrong here? I am over scheduling. Yes, anyone can see that I am burdening myself with extra things that would prevent me from enjoying my weekend at a relaxed pace. I need to focus on doing things that I can do within these 2 days so that my house runs smoothly for the rest of the week right?

So I decided to pin-point that one thing that would keep me sane and happy during the working days. That "one thing" would be different for different people...... for me it is knowing that I have my refrigerator stocked with ready to heat and eat meals. I hate to cook up lavish meals after I get back from work. So in short I have to just focus on that  "one thing" and all the chores that would help to nail this one task.

Which means I need to:
1. Make a grocery shopping list,
2. Do the grocery shopping....and
3. Prepare meals to last a week.
Easy as pie!!
I already do these 3 things. This realization made me jump up and down with joy.  

I won't feel guilty about not crossing out stuff from my To-Do list this weekend. Why? How?
Simple!! I will not make a To-Do list this weekend. So the magnetic board that usually houses my To-Do list will be clean except for a simple message.....that reads:

"Have a great deserve it!!"

Are you happy at how you spend your weekend? Do you feel relaxed on weekends or are you stressed more than ever? What can you do or not do to make your weekend more fun!!


  1. Absolutely right...It is easy to get free during weekends when we apportion the home work to the daily schedule of working days. For having happy and relaxed weekends, do only things that we like to do in those days and avoid the suffering with cumulative effect of work.

  2. Thanks for the comment DH!!
    Hope to follow this every weekend with a little help from u :)


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