Friday, 1 July 2011

From January to June 2011

I have decided to make a list of the articles I wrote about for the last 6 months. Well this will hopefully be a start for me in the direction of a more organized blog.

In case you missed anything this is the time to catch up.


Just click on the month to see an over view of all the posts I have written on that month.

If you want to read a particular post just click on the title of the post listed under each month.

1. The power of "NO"
2. Forgive yourself
3. All about Discipline!!
4. Hostel Life...
5. Quotes On Mothers
6. Lessons from a Mother
7. The Early Bird!!
8. Let's play!!

1. Journaling
2. Getting things done
3. Organizing
4. Quotes on Love
5. To be or not to be?!!
6. LOVE yourself...
7.One Year!!!
8. Shine your sink?

1. Simplify your wardrobe
2. Quotes on Perfectionism
3. In 15!
4. Perfection!!
5. My Reality Checker
6. Books for Moms..

1. Baby on Board !!
2. B for Baby!!

1. Double Trouble!!
2. Men!!
3. Making Memories

1. D for Daddy!!
2. Gifts for Dad
3. Make your Bed
4. Making Traditions
5. My Son's Dad!!
6. Pretty Women!!
7. Looking Back

So there you have it.....a roundup of posts that I did this year so far......that is in the last 6 months.

Enjoy reading....and please feel free to comment on them. I love to read your comments. If you might have a difference of opinion and that is what is preventing you from responding then please don't be shy....I like to read them even if they contradict my views and suggestions.
Thank You for dropping in and taking time to read my blog. I really appreciate it.


  1. Hi Ranjeetha.
    Nice come up with all the articles you wrote earlier.
    Just curious to know where all you write, other than your blog?
    I'll have to make a candid confession..that I get carried away by something or the other. Now whts eating up my time is 'Squidoo'. Just experimenting with it.
    by the way, nice to know you...

  2. Hi Neetha...
    I just write in my blog :) This is a way of letting out my urge to blabber I guess...wasn't very serious about it at 1st but now I write some articles to help some of my friends who are new moms so they know what they are going through (or will go through) is quite normal :)
    I don't know if what I write is useful or interesting...but I would like to confess that I do it for ME (makes me happy).


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