Thursday, 23 June 2011

Pretty Women!!

"You can take no credit for beauty at sixteen.  But if you are beautiful at sixty, it will be your soul's own doing."  ~Marie Stopes

When you become a mom there is one thing that you tend to neglect and that is your looks. If you are a well organized mother who has time to put on clean clothes, makeup and look like a million bucks then please do send me your tips on how you do it. But as of now I have a few of my own which being lazy as I am I manage to follow some how on most days.

1. For a quick face and mood lift: 
Wet a clean face towel (small towel) with water, squeeze out the water, fold into 2 and pop into the microwave oven for 30sec. take out (warning: towel will be steaming hot) unfold and place over face. Wipe off after a while. Repeat process if necessary.
This is like a quick clean up, it is refreshing and feels like you have steamed your face.

2. Pretty feet: 
Apply petroleum jell on you entire feet, heels, toes and all and wear a soaks before you hit the bed for your night sleep.
You will wake up to soft and pretty feet.
In the Shower: Scrubbing the heels of your feet with a pumice stone will ensure soft and crack free heels. For a better result add a bit of shampoo on the stone and scrub away.

3. Pretty eyes:
I am not  really good at the make up stuff but I usually keep a small eyeshadow box which has different shades of brown. When you are dusky complexioned you can never go wrong with a range of brown eye shadows...... even if you have no idea how to apply them. Anyway I usually apply a lighter shade at the inner half (the corner near the nose) and darker at the outer corners or just apply a single shade throughout. Then apply the eyeliner and the mascara (if you want).
If the is no time at all just use a eyeliner and line your eyes.This will help to define your eyes. Use a pencil liner as it is less time consuming and can be used as a kajal or a khole pencil to line the inside or lower part of the eyes (the waterline - the correct terminology).

Note: In case you smudge the pencil eyeliner when you apply it in a frenzy just rub it in on the eyelids - it will still look good giving a smokey eye effect.
NIVEA Lip Gloss

4. Soft lips:
Brushing your lips with a soft bristled toothbrush helps to get rid of dead lip cells (like a scrub for the face) but please be gentle. Lip balms and any petroleum jell will make your lips soft and prevent chapped lips.
I don't use lipstick but I do apply nivea lip gloss - easy, simple, adds color and gives protection.

5. Body scrub:
Doing a body scrub would ensure a soft and nice feel to your entire being. But this is a bit of time consuming so do it on a weekend. This simple recipe will ensure soft and well moisturized skin: in a bowl take enough amount of baby oil ( I use Johnson's baby oil) add some salt and mix -  the salt  will not dissolve but will soke in the oil...take this mixture and rub all over and wait of at least 15 min. (more time = better results) before you hit the shower....stand under a shower and just rub off the salt and oil mixture from your body, don't apply soap (this will dry your skin and you will have to apply body lotion) just pat dry. The baby lotion will give a soft fragrance and will act as a moisturizer too. This can be termed as indulgence but you can do it at least once a month.

Well that's all.....Simple right? I am not someone who obsesses over the looking good part but when you are a working mother you have to look presentable while going to work. And to keep me motivated I remember something my DH told me some time back (when I was a bit sloppy).

"At a work place people often judge you by the way you present yourself.....even before they lay eyes on your work.....and they generally feel that the person who cares for herself will surely care to do a good job at work too".

I never though about it that way actually....I used to think that if a person does his or her work then that is all that matters. But I do agree with him because presentation in any area or field of work does it the food you cook, the blog you write, the flower you arrange in the vase or the architectural plan you want your client to approve. I should have know that being an Architect myself.....but hey!! that is me....sometimes someone has to tell me the obvious facts for it to finally sink in.


  1. hehehehe these r nice tips :)shall follow it in future...

  2. Thankyou Ranjeetha...
    Nice to know you. I'm already your follower :)
    I started blogging to connect with other moms, just like you. Will come back for sure and will read all your fabulous posts.


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