Sunday, 19 June 2011

My Son's Dad!!

"It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us fathers and sons."  ~Johann Schiller

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear 'Father's Day'? For most of us we recall our dad and remember that this day we should wish him or gift him and make it special for him in some way for being a great dad. But what about my son's Dad? He too is a DAD and as a wife I think I need to spare some though about this Dad too.

I read some interesting posts in Life.....Your Way  where they had been engaged in a series called Honoring the Man they call Dad and the bloggers had very interesting posts on how to honor their husbands....the DAD of their children. They were great reads and I think you need to hop right there and read them too. Many may think it is too late to stop by and read them cause Father's Day is over....but let us make up our minds to do a little for the man in our life starting from this Father's Day onwards since they don't have something called 'Husband's Day' (or do they?).

After reading their posts for the last few weeks (5 weeks to be exact) I have become conscious about the things that I do or say to my man. I have begun to analyze them and dissect them and probe further.

My findings are as follows (to list a few....):

~ On most days I am torturing my husband....with things he has to-do around the house or complaining to him about my work, our son, the mess in the house and endless other things. 
~ To top it all .........on weekend I remind him about the things he promised he would do last week and still didn't do. 
~ On days I am in a bad mood I talk him out of his "feel good" hormone and make him feel as miserable as I do.
~ I don't appreciate him for the things he does in and around the house.

Wow! I guess listing all this makes me sound like a really bad wife in your eyes right now. But most women fall under this category...some are brave enough to accept it while others are not....and there are still others who have a unique talent to bottle up their true emotions and make it seem like they can handle all.

Hmm.....I am a very emotional and expressive person....I can't hide my annoyance and irritation and pretend that I am OK! and loving it when I am not. But I can make an effort to show my man that I do love him on a daily basis with a little effort.....of maybe shutting my mouth once in a while. Or spending the end of the day listening to him about things he wants to do in the future.....laughing at Facebook videos he liked together and unwinding with a hot cup of coffee.

This weekend I had a great time cooking with my husband. I made mini chicken tikka skewing chicken and veggies in toothpicks and pan frying them......and we both snacked on them while they were still piping hot....that was our lunch for the day. I wanted to make him something special....but it wasn't the food that I cooked that made the difference but the time we spend together.

We run after so many things and we forget to make time for the 'husband and wife' relationship.....we think it can wait. My husband is not going to go anywhere.....and as of now my kids need me more than he does......right? But maybe after our kids grow up we might discover that we (as a couple) have grown apart. I am not willing to take that risk.....are you?


  1. Hae its really a romantic and cute article :)should ask mom to read it ;)


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