Saturday, 11 June 2011

Making Traditions

"Family traditions counter alienation and confusion. They help us define who we are; they provide something steady, reliable and safe in a confusing world. "~  Susan Lieberman

I read a nice post from Prerna of 'The MOM Writes' on having family traditions that will make life 'as a family' special.(Read Prerna's Post).
This got me we (our threesome) have a family tradition or traditions? How or where should I start? Did we have family tradition before when I was a kid? Ok! my mind works like that....crazy right.....but when you read nice stuff you will think about it right? So after some pondering I decided that I should have family traditions too. But what I didn't realize then was that I already have some of my own.

You may be having a tradition already but might not be giving it that much though because you never intended it to be a tradition. It might be very simple..... almost like a routine which you do as a couple or a family repeatedly on certain days of the week or month or year.  I hope I have set your gray cells to work!!

Let me explain.....
Here are some traditions that we used to have in my childhood days that I cherish:

1. Celebrations: When I was young my family had a special pattern in celebrating Christmas....I guess that was a family tradition then. That is why I loved it so much and can recall it so clearly till now (read about it in Memories of Christmas). The same way we celebrated Easter and Onam in our homes in a special way. Yes everyone celebrates festivals but do it in your own style to make it a family tradition that brings back lovely memories.

2. Dining out: We used to dine out on weekends. Here (in U.A.E) the weekend falls on relieve my mom of her house hold duties and to savor the outside culinary world we used to dine out. It is something we looked forward to all the week. 
This has been followed now too by me and my DH. We never have home cooked meal but go out or order take outs on Thursdays to mark the beginning of our weekend.

3. Simple birthdays: We celebrated all our birthdays in a simple was a homely affair with just the 4 of us participating (me, sis, dad and mom). Nice home made lunch, a visit to the Church and a dinner outside.
I did the same for my son's 1st Birthday and I hope to keep it so. Elaborate parties may become a necessity (when my son grows older) but then too it will be scheduled to another day rather than on his birthday.

Something New:

Going to Church on Sundays or any day for mass has become almost imposable with our restless toddler who will not take it so kindly of us if we subject him to long sermons. We now go to Church at 9pm on pray and light candles at the grotto. This takes very little time so our toddler doesn't mind and it fuels our soul enriching us in more ways than one. So there we have a simple tradition to follow now. This small visit will become more elaborate later when our son gets old enough to sit still and enjoy the silence and peacefulness of the almost empty Church. I have decided that I will follow it even when I do get a chance to attend mass on Sundays. A nice little tradition right? 

It is nice to have family traditions.....needn't be elaborate.....just something that your kids will look back to with fondness as the years go by.


  1. Hae this article is realy very impressing i myself didnt know that these were our family tradition it has become a part of our life without us relizing it.

  2. I know....simple things become family traditions :)
    Thanks Chinnu for your comments.

  3. these traditions are constitute our identity and personality in the society. it might be dissolved and mixed up in our life and difficult to recognize by our-self....but you traced it so beautifully that brings proud on us to be traditional..!

  4. Thank you for your comments DH.


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