Sunday, 5 June 2011

Make your Bed

"Your bed in the bedroom is what the sink is to your kitchen."~ Kelly (from FLYLady).

My bed is my favorite spot in my room. It has been so for a very long time. In my college days my hostel bed served as a multifunctional unit. Apart from sleeping I used to study, read, draw, write, pray, play, dine and relax on it. So you see I have a soft corner for my bed....and I still do. Today I will tell you a little (too much) about making your bed. The why? the how? and the why not!!

Have you ever wondered where to get started when it comes to cleaning your bed room. Well look no further than your bed. A well made bed will change the face of your bed room and make it look more tidy and well kept. If this is done on a daily basis as soon as you wake up then all the better. How do I know? I tried it myself and believe me my room looks far more better when the bed is made even if most of the other things are still in a mess.

With a toddler in the house it is quite difficult to always have a well arranged and organized room. I have to make sure that my house looks pleasingly unclean....meaning that it is almost clean for a toddler to wreck havoc without being harmed. This includes picking up things that he may trip on, keeping sockets and cables well covered or hidden, wiping off water spills and picking up food crumbs .Hmm...that is all that I am bothered about now actually. I am more concerned about my toddler's well being than maintaining a spic and span house.

Trying to be organized to such an extend that it drives me crazy is not a good option at all. I have to face the reality that for a while I will  have to be contended with maintaining a safe and germ free zone for my toddler to explore. I have to accept the fact that I can't keep fancy table lamps next to my bed (I don't even have a bed side table now), I can't take pride in displaying my favorite reads, music, potted plants or any such items that I once adorned my room with. Now I try to find things that will give my home a face lift and an adrenaline rush for me. That is when making my bed comes in......let me explain.

As I have mentioned before I live in a studio apartment so my one room serves a multitude of purposes and making my bed transforms the entire apartment. I can't make my bed as soon as I wake up as it houses my sleeping toddler and waking him up to make my bed is totally unthinkable for more reasons than one. So I make my bed when I get home from work. I know I could try to do it in the morning after my little sleepyhead wakes up but then I am busy trying to get out of the house and head to work. The morning rush hour is not a pleasant time for me to do it so I have shifted it to a more relaxing time......that is when I get home from work.
Many of you might wonder what is the whole point in making the bed when you get home.....after all you will be sleeping in it within a few hours time right? I guess there is not much I can say to argue with that statement except that my home looks more welcoming when the bed is made.

Why I do it?

1. My DH comes home much later than me so when he walks in I don't want him to enter a messy house ( not that he notices the difference).

2. Motivates me to do some other chores like fold the laundry, sweep the crumbs off the floor or pretty up the space in general. Making the bed sets the pace for the evening. With this mission accomplished I feel I am read to begin my evening on a more positive note.

3. Relax on the made bed. I love to plop on my neat bed and watch my son playing with his toy cars along the edges of the well tucked in bed sheet. As soon as I make the bed my son makes it a point to prop his cars on them.

4. Any unexpected guest are now a welcome as I have a neat bed and my 'not so tidy' room looks pretty neat anyway.

5. Minimum effort....maximum gain. Making the bed may seem like a waste of time but with a little effort you will have maximum benefit. Like I said the overall look of your room will change (in my case the whole apartment's look changes).

6. The bed serves as a couch for us when we watch TV as it is positioned opposite to it and against the wall. So we prop ourselves,stretch our legs and relax against the wall with fluffy pillows to watch TV and unwind.

FLYLady has her own tips on how to make your bed (or rather give your bed a make over). You can head over there and get some ideas just to get you started. By the way you don't have to follow her instructions exactly to make your bed...just do the usual removing, dusting and tucking in to get a neat bed.

What I do?

1. I remove all the stuff that is on my bed.....that includes toys, bed sheets, pillows and keep it on a near by furniture (eventually it all lands on the floor thanks to my son who likes to cover himself with bed sheets and pillows).

2. I dust the bed spread to get rid of crumbs and small particles.

3. I sometimes flip the mattress....the down side-come up and the side that was up faces down. This is done on a weekly basis.

4. I spread the bed sheet and neatly tuck in the flaps under the mattress.

5. Lay my pillows neatly after a bit if dusting.

6. Fold the sheet that is used as a blanket and lay it at the foot of the bed again tucking in the ends so my toddler can't pull them out.

There simple right? If this still seems like a lot of work then simplify it further and make your room look nice and tidy. Happy tidying up friends!!


  1. Keeping a room clean is a difficult task.....
    Espically for me i'll try keeping my bed atleast clen from now on ;)

  2. Hahaha!!! yes you can start with the bed Chinnu and the rest will follow... ;)


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