Monday, 27 June 2011

Looking Back

"The past is a good place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there."  ~Author Unknown

Can you believe.....half the year is already over. We will be stepping into the remaining 6 months of the year 2011 on the 1st of July. So how has the year been so far? Did you do some (if not all) of your New Year Resolutions? Or did you at least try?
It is time to take out the list we prepared under the title "My New Year Resolution". If you don't have can always make one now. Resolutions can be made any time of the year (this line is borrowed from my sister) go ahead and make one if you hadn't.

Now for those of you who (like me) did make some resolutions at the end of last year..... let us take a look if you have done something to achieve your resolutions. If you have....... then bravo!! I am proud of you. If you have not even made an effort then I guess you should give it a still have six months left. And if you have tried to follow them for a while and then given up on them....then we need to just start over again.....with a fresh slate, a clean page....we can do it and we have six months left to do it this year.

We always make New Year Resolutions with an intention to stick to it. But somehow we end up loosing interest and getting caught up in our day-to-day activities and all the good intentions to follow through takes a backstage. Wondering how I know.....I am no exception to that rule either. When the year comes to a close I get all pumped up and decide to become a newer better version of me....and finally after a few days of sticking with it I fall back into my older sloppier version of me. So this mid of the year evaluation is going to help me look back on all that I wanted to do and how much of that I have actually accomplished....or rather up to what % I have managed to reach.

Any resolution that we take is intended to better ourselves right? This means break our old habits and make new ones. Breaking a habit is not easy since that has formed over time. Habit has many definitions but for our context its best suited definition would be:

"A recurrent, often unconscious pattern of behavior that is acquired through frequent repetition".

So if we have to make a newer better version of ourselves we have to formulate better habits and this calls for repeating our pattern of behavior so often that it becomes a habit. In simpler consistent in what you do.

Everyone lives in his/her comfort zone. And we rarely change until forced to do so because of some kind of crisis or when we are faced with a do-or-die option. Let me explain....we know that exercising is good for us but we never commit to it if it involves a change from our daily comfortable routine unless we end up with a major health issue such as diabetes, BP or heart problems. Do we really need a wake-up call to follow a simple 15min. exercise routine? That is just one example.....there are more and I am sure you can even find some in your own life which made you change.

I guess we can say we follow the laws of Physics in some way....Remember Newton's law...."everybody continues in its state of motion or rest until acted upon by an external force" (I think). So are we all waiting for that external force (crisis) to act upon us so we change our state (of life)? Ok! that thought is a bit scary for me. So let us act before it is too late and do what we need to change ourselves, our habits, our lifestyle.....and become a better us. 

Now go read these articles and get inspired to make that change in you:
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  1. Great post, Ranjeetha and I agree. As someone who takes like forever to give up an old habit for a new one or stick to a new habit for long, I needed your reminder so much!
    Hey, by the way, are you on Twitter? I'd love to tweet out your post and wanted to follow you as well.

  2. Thanks Prerna for your comments :)
    I am not on twitter :(
    But you can follow me through the Follow button that is shown on the right hand side of my blog....
    If I open a twitter account I will surely let u know :D

  3. Very nice article u inspired me to make a resolution lets call it a mid year resolution :)

  4. Hehehe!!! yeh sure why the idea :)

  5. love the way you start your posts with a quote :)

  6. Hey Nags....Thanks for dropping in :)
    Yes! I have an addiction for quotes...hope I can find one suitable for every post.


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