Saturday, 4 June 2011

Gifts for Dad

"A hug is a great gift - one size fits all, and it's easy to exchange."  ~Author Unknown

I love giving gifts to people and receiving them too. I am quite good at selecting gifts for women....I hardly take time to select gifts for my girl friends, my sister, cousins, mother.....or any lady who I have known for a while. But when it comes to the men....I have to admit I am pathetic (or so I feel). I get confused, I don't know if what I get will be valued, liked or if it is the right choice. 
What do you do when you want to gift a man? A special you dad?
In today's post I will be telling you a little about what I would and would not gift my dad. 

Gifting men can be difficult even if you have known him for a long long time. But the difficulty comes when you think outside your comfort zone. The same applies when you want to buy a gift for your dad.......go by what you know he likes rather than what you think he needs or wants. If you have to gift him something that you know he needs like a pair of comfortable shoes then I advise you to ask his opinion or just take him shopping. I am very bad at gifting men with clothes, shoes, ties....or any other such item of clothing so I don't venture into that department. 
When I have to gift my DH with something I know he wants but have no clue as to how to select I just point blank ask him to join me to select his gift.....and he does (with a lot of compelling). But with my dad this never works....he just says "no...I don't want anything" or "I will get them later". what do you do? Since I know for sure what my dad's response would be I just gift him with something I am 100% sure he will like and surprise him in this way than spoil the suspense by asking him to join me to select his gift. So if I stick to my sure list (comfort zone) it is very easy to get my dad a gift.

Hear are a few of the things I would gift him:

1. Classics: My dad loves classic literature especially from his favorite authors like Fyodor Dostoevsky and Leo Tolstoy. So one of their books will be welcomed with both hands.

2. Golden Hits: Old Hindi songs sung by Mohammed Rafi, Mukesh or Yesudas or any song sung by Yesudas ( he is a big fan) will bring a huge smile on my dad's face. And chances are you will be listening to this for the rest of the year along with him (sigh!).

3. Religious: Anything that is religious or spiritual is a sure hit with my a pocket size New Testament Bible, rosary, pendants, books on the life of saints...and so on. It needed be Christian even....he like to read about Swami Vivekananda (another of his personal favorites).

4. Stationary: He likes fountain pens a lot, and diaries or journal as he loves to write.

5. Cards or letters: My dad would always treasure a letter or a card with a few hand written words, or phrases from us. So I can always give his a nice card with some poetic lines scrawled by my hand.

6. Others: 
~ Chess board - he loves to play chess.            
~ Coffee Mug - with his Sun sign on it  or some nice words.
~ Pocket dictionary - a help when he is reading or writings. 

There....I hope my list has helped you think of things that your dad or your kid's dad (your husband) would like as a gift on Father's Day. What I was trying to say through this post is that men can be picky and choosy when it comes to clothes, shoes and accessories that they use and if you are blank in this area (like me) then it is safer to stick to something you know he will love and treasure like a nice card or a simple home cooked meal or a fancy dinner outside to celebrate the day. Then again if you are an expert in gifting men with cologne, shoes, belt, wallets and are lucky because you have that many categories to choose your gifts from. So happy gifting!!


  1. Thanks Alot for reminding me his favorite stuffs i dont know if this article will help others purchase gifts for their DAD but for me it is definitly helpful ;)

  2. Hmm...looks like you have something in mind for him :)
    I am glad this was helpful Chinnu...


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