Wednesday, 1 June 2011

D for Daddy!!

"A father is always making his baby into a little woman.  And when she is a woman he turns her back again."  ~Enid Bagnold

June is a very special month for me.....from a religious point June is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and even though I am not much of a religious person I do have a special relationship with my Jesus. Apart from that we have the Father's Day falling in this month too and last but not the least my dad's birthday also happens to be in this month. June for me is thus a very special month. As you all might have already guessed today's post is dedicated to my dad.
 My dad is a very simple man and his world always revolved around his wife and his two daughters. He was what most would call a 'homely guy' or a 'family man'. He never went out without us tagging along side him. For him the word FUN never meant anything if it wasn't shared with FAMILY.
I have learned a lot from my dad. Yes! he was my role model. Mostly boys want to become like their dads and daughters want to become like their mothers but I wanted to be like my dad. He taught me how men should be or could become. No he wasn't one is...he has his failures and shortcomings but he has more good in him than bad....and that's what matters.

I read somewhere long ago that the impression a women has about men in general is formulated quite early in her childhood days and this is formed from the relationship she shares with her father. I don't know if this is the case for sure but I do feel that my views about how a man should be, how a husband should be and how a dad should be was based on the ones I derived from my dad. My dad has taught me a lot of things and I am grateful to him for instilling in me a lot of values that I feel has helped me to become a better person and a better woman.

1. Limitless: My dad never treated me and my sister as being girls. He never limited our imaginations or curbed our talents because we were girls. He brought us up to believe we are no less than boys.

2. Self-respect: He taught us that women have dignity and self-respect and no man has a right to treat her as inferior or a weaker sex.

3. Education: He made sure we took our studies seriously. So today both me and my sister are professionals and can stand on our own two feet.

4. Voice your opinion: We always have debates and discussions and he has taught us to say what we feel even if it means opposing his views.

5. Reading: Dad introduced me to classic literature and some wonderful authors who I began to love like Fyodor Dostoyevsky,  LeoTolstoy, Maxim Gorky to name a few.

Apart for the above I leaned a few precious lessons watching my dad and mom as man and wife. Dad always treated Mom with respect, he gave her freedom of thought and expression, he valued her opinion and suggestions, he turned to her for advice and trusted her parenting ability, taught us to respect her and to listen to her, always spoke about the qualities he admired in her (in her absence) and made us realize what a wonderful person my mother is. Their love and affection, which was always open and demonstrative were lessons on companionship, friendship, respect, undying love and affection that man and woman share as husband and wife. This has helped me to want to mimic them and their ways into my married life in many ways.

On a more funnier or lighter note I have some interesting things that I share with my may call it genes if you want and they are as follows..........
I have a strong resemblance to my dad....meaning I look more like my dad than my mom. I have his large forehead, his feet, his teeth (mine are better....LOL!!), his well shaped eyebrows, I walk like him, I have his temper, even our handwriting is similar (he trained no wonder), we both have a big appetite and we share a common love for food (different types), art, literature.....and a whole lot more.

My Dad is special in more ways than one......we have had some happy moments as dad and daughter that have become lasting memories for me.....from a game of chess or heated debates and silent walks in the jogging in the cooking and cleaning.....we have done it together as Dad & Daughter.


  1. Today you asked me that what would be the best gift for a father on fathers day occasion.. I think this acknowledgment is the best greeting and memorable gift that any daughter can ever wish to her father on the Fathers day (june19th)...this greeting comes to bring a special wish in a special way to Dad..!...
    Happy father's day Dad..!!

  2. You got this maggic with words i dont know what to say........
    Dad is realy proud of u and u always prove that ur the best...
    LOVE U

  3. WOW!! thanks both make me feel so good :D


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