Tuesday, 17 May 2011


"Part of the reason that men seem so much less loving than women is that men's behavior is measured with a feminine ruler."  ~Francesca M. Cancian

 Though like most women I feel men are too complicated to understand and they don't share their feeling, they don't open up, they are not demonstrative, not expressive....and a whole lot of  "are not..." they do have a few remarkable traits that we could learn and adopt from. I know what you are thinking....."hey!! whose side you are on lady?"....Naaa... I am not taking sides here but just stating a few things I do admire in men.

My list goes like this:

1. Simple and straight: I feel men don't beat around the bush, they just get straight to the point. If they want something they ask for it. They don't frame complicated sentences and keep you guessing as to what he really means.....If you try to find some hidden meaning from his comments or statements (which we tend to do a lot)....then you are just wasting your time.

2. One thing at a time: All women multitask....yes we are proud of our skills aren't we? But men never do that...or they can't. Which is a good thing because they put their full attention on the one thing they are doing and does it perfectly (well almost perfectly). I know this can be a bit irritating when he is lost in the sports channel while you are yelling at him repeating for the 'N'th time to change the babies diapers.But think of it this way....when he is playing with the toddler....he is giving his 100% attention to the little fellow rather than worrying about dishes not cleaned, meal not cooked....or his next work assignment.

3. Priorities: Most men priorities...Oh! yes they do..... they may not make a to-do list but they have it all sorted out. It may not seem that way to us but if you ask him to do something and he doesn't do it then that means it is not one of his priority. And mostly we don't realize it because the items on his list will not be in ours. While we worry about a lot of stuff and even make to-do lists we don't get our priorities right most of the time. For your man "spending time with you" might be a priority....or watching the IPL cricket 20-20 match.

4. Actions speak louder than words: Well you can say they act more often than speak. They might do things with such ease that you fail to notice that the task is done. While we complain about our daily chores which we take on ourselves they never complain (or rarely complain). They might lay out the breakfast for you and you will miss that he did this because he used the soup bowl instead of the cereal bowl.

5. Focused and Committed: I noticed both my dad and my husband have this trait that when they decide to do something they really get down and do it. If they decide to exercise 5 days a week they actually do it (come what may). And if they decide to lose 5 kilos they will in no time. Ok! this again relates to priorities...... if this qualifies as a priority (not because you asked him to)....he will definitely do it.

6. Romantic: This will definitely contradict with my own belief that men are not romantic.....but men are actually romantic in their own way. Our definition and ideas of romance is just different and more filmy than theirs I guess. Roses, chocolates and candle light dinners may be your idea of a romantic night while his may be watching a DVD with popcorn and cola at home with you.

7. Easy to please: Some of you may not agree to this but I do believe men are easy to please. Cook up a nice meal (with his favorite dishes)......or let him watch his favorite sports event in peace without interrupting him (in any way).....he will be a happy man. 

8. Live in the moment: I feel since men can't do more than one thing at a time they live in the moment which is something great. They will enjoy something that they love doing to its full potential....like reading, playing, listening to music....rather than get a feel of that and a little of this all at once. 

9. Maps and directions: It is a known fact that most women can't read maps and suck at giving directions or reaching destinations  (there is a book titled on this even "Why men don't listen and women can't read maps) and I am a perfect example of this. So we need to just trust them with this job instead of budding in when we are on a road trip asking him "are you sure?" umpteen number of times.

10. Can't Fake it: Most men can't fake or pretend or camouflage their true emotions. Like if he hates someone, or loves someone, is angry, annoyed....it shows even if he tries hard not to. His actions and him face almost always mirrors his true inner feelings....he might not be verbal about it often but if you know him well you will be able to spot his true feelings fast. Since they are not very verbal this can be considered as a positive trait.

As a concluding statement I will add (to be on the safe side) that these are some of the traits that I feel 'most' men have.....lets call it the "manly" traits.....but there are some exceptions to the rule and while you might not completely agree with my list of "10"....you will definitely agree that men (most of them) do have at least a few of the above mentioned traits if not all.


  1. in general it sounds nice and realistic..!! free and broad way of thinking..!!... still the woman has the last word..!! women r always shows more maturity than men at any phase....

  2. Both men & women have their plus and minus...
    Like I said it is just a broad classification!!
    Besides I always write about women...thought I should spare some thought for men since Father's Day is fast approaching ;)

  3. I totally agree with you...
    I enjoyed reading you. I just followed you..
    Would love to read more from you..

  4. Hii Neetha,
    Thank you so much for your comments....
    Please feel free to express your comments for any of my previous posts too...even if it contradictory to my view I still value it greatly..
    It is an encouragement for me....


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