Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Making Memories

"Memory... is the diary that we all carry about with us."  ~Oscar Wilde

One of my favorite pass time is to go through photo albums. It takes me back in time and brings back sweet memories of days gone by. My parents have taken loads of lovely photos of me and my sister from the time we were in our diapers up-to now. We have albums of different sizes with family moments that include Christmas, birthdays, vacations, picnics, tours and more.

I don't remember my dad owning a camera till I was about 8 or 10 years old. But  I know how they used to loan camera from our family or friends to take photos of important days like my sisters Baptism or random pictures of me and my baby sister as we played in the park. In those days a camera was something like a luxury not a basic necessity......... and definitely not like now when you have a camera attached to your mobile phone and almost everyone has it and even missuses it.

I still remember quite well when we bought our 1st camera. I was listening intently to the salesman behind the counter demonstrating to my dad how to use the camera and the plus points of that particular brand that he held in his hands. It was a YASHICA camera I think......not really sure....but I remember then that I kept repeating this jingle in my head that went like this "camera ho tho YASHICA" (hindi add jingle) meaning "If it is a camera it has to be YASHICA" (English translation). So I am pretty sure it was a Yashica camera....and my dad took some trial shots in the store displaying his photographic skills. I loved this camera cause it was so easy to use.....just press on the big button and you would capture some amazing moments. I took it to school picnics and school functions....I was so proud of my camera and quite confident that I was good at clicking amazing snaps.
When people graduated to digital cameras we still held on to our old model which need a Konica or Kodac film roll and we had to process it to see if the snap was good or bad....we could not delete the once captured image be it good, bad or funny, photogenic or un-photogenic....but I loved it anyway. To be quite frank I still like the ones that call for a film roll rather than the digital one. I know the digital one is better, you can take loads of photos and go through them and then choose the one you like to print but call me old fashioned I still love my 1st camera and the funny, un-photogenic, sloppy looking photos of myself it captured during my growing up days.

Now I make sure to take loads of snaps with my mobile camera and the digital one that I have of my son. Every week we plug in the digi-cam to the laptop to clear off its full memory and load the 'D' drive with shots of our very expressive toddler. With technology advancing to such a level where we can download and upload Facebook or Picasa web albums with current photographs we sometimes miss out on actually printing and storing them in albums. We need snaps that we can see by just flipping through the album that is titled "Family Album" or "Memories" or "Our Baby".......don't we? Or am I being an old fashioned non-techy ?

I need to clarify something here....I was never a technology bound person. I am pretty bad when it comes to hi-tech gadgets be it a complicated one or a simple mobile phone.....maybe that is why I make it a point to print out the nice photos and make an album of my sons pictures. And another reason is that my mother reminds me to send her printed photos of her grandson so she can show it off without having to switch on the laptop (she is worse than me when it comes to technology - I guess I have her gene in this department). 

Someday I plan to have a big family album that showcases some of the best photos from various periods of my life with my husband and son (as a family). I am excited thinking of showing my son photos of me when I was a baby, a toddler, a teen, a young women, wife and mother.....my life through the photos which my parents once took of me. And I want to create the same for my son....so that some day he will have his own life history told through his photos that I compiled of him from his diapered bottom stage onwards. 


  1. t is so nice to read this post especially the narration about camera...!!
    ..sometimes the technology deprive you of something that you like to go with...!!
    nevertheless the photos recall and enhance the past years, days and moments whereby we made our life...unfortunately i dont have it..

  2. Its not the knowledge abt technology thats important:)its really nice to fick trough ur album it brings a smile across ur face :)

  3. Yes, DH I too feel technology can deprive us sometimes...like hand written letters , greeting cards...to mention a few.

  4. Thanks chinnu for your comments!!


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