Thursday, 14 April 2011

Baby on Board !!

"A ship under sail and a big-bellied woman,
Are the handsomest two things that can be seen common."
~Benjamin Franklin

Sometimes when you chat with a friend or read their mails you tend to go back in time to the days when you spend time with them and had loads of fun. And sometimes you are send back in time when you were in a stage of your life in which they are pregnancy.
A few of my friends are currently pregnant.Wow!! Exciting news...yes and I am thrilled for them plus I am now thinking about all the possible concers and doubts they will have during this time...just the way I did when I was 'expecting'.
So I put my gray cells to work...and my head was full of all types of information I wanted to share with them. But then again they might not need them form me or they might get scared when I advice them about things which they haven't even thought of...Right?
Actually when I was pregnant I had loads of already mummy friends giving me lots of tips and be frank some of them scared me....and some of them were really helpful. I especially loved it when a friend gave me tips on what to buy for my baby. I had no clue as to what to shop for...yes the obvious stuff like clothes and diapers......but there are a few other thighs you may need and some you may think you need but will never end up using.

Today I will talk about the things you will need to buy for yourself. They are not mandatory and you will find yourself adding to this list or even reducing or altering them as per your personal choice or experience. Use your own judgment while buying stuff for yourself because you will not need them or may not use them later on so be wise enough to keep your shopping to the bear minimum.

What you may need (or rather what all I bought for myself)

If you choose to breastfeed your baby (I am sure my friends do) then you may need to get a few of these items if not all so here they are:

1. Brest feeding bras - These have flaps in the front. These are convenient and comfortable too. If you are planing to get them then shop for them towards the last trimester. And do try them on...because they will be usually a size bigger than what you normally wear. Ensure that they are not too tight and not too lose also. Don't need to stock up on this...just 3 will do. You don't want to buy too much in-case you don't like the fit or feel of it when you start using them. So just for emergency keep 3 and get different types so finally you can buy the one type you like later.

2. Front Open housecoats - I am not a fan of housecoats frankly speaking but when I was breastfeeding they were a real help. This again if you normally don't wear them just get the minimum number. You can use all your T-shirts or front open shirts after that.

3. Nipple cream - This you doctor may give you if you ask for it. Nice to have one handy and apply them in advance. Don't use them after delivery unless your doctor advices you too. Preparing your breasts for the baby with this will help to prevent it from cracking. You can use coconut,olive or almond oil for this but a cream would be more convenient and less messy and smelly.

4. Breast pads - These prevent breast milk form staining your clothes in-case of overflow. But this you may not need so just one pack with a minimum number would do if you chose to get them in advance.

5. Breast pumps - This is something I thought I would never use or need but still got in case I needed them. They were very helpful because it helps to stimulate the mammary glads in-case your beast milk does not flow on its own in the initial stages or if you are having less breast milk. I used the manual pump and they were very effective. No need to buy them in advance like I did. You can check them out and buy them later if needed.

Advantages:  a) As I had mentioned they help to stimulate the flow of breast milk if they don't come naturally.
b) If you are planing to return to work and continue breast feeding then you will need it to pump and store the milk for your baby. 
c) If you are planing to get your baby accustomed to the bottle then they will accept the bottle better if it contains your milk rather than the powder again they are handy.
d) Breast milk can be stored longer than the powder milk (6 to 8 hrs. depending upon various factors) without refrigeration so pumping them and feeding the baby is always an option even if you are not working.

Disadvantages: a)If you feel that using them will be faster then you are wrong...they work in the same way your baby suckles so they will take the same amount of time especially if you are using a manually operating one.
b) You may feel it is a waste of time when you can directly put the baby to the breast.
c) If you are a stay at home mom then you may not need this at all since your baby will and can get your milk from you anytime.

Other things that you may need......................................

6. Footwear - Your current footwear may not fit you during your final months. So when they start hurting buy low heel or flat comfy footwear. And again don't over do it....just one or two max.

7. Body Lotion - My skin became really dry and itchy during my pregnancy so I was advised by my doctor to use body lotions with maximum moisture retaining capacity. Another benefit is that the more moisturized your expanding tummy is the fewer stretch marks you will have......because when the skin in the tummy area expands they stretch and become itchy and the lack of moisture is one of the major reasons for this. I used the one in the picture....anything with moisture locking property will do.

8. Sanitary Pads - Stock up. This you can buy in bulk as they will never go to waste.

There you have my list. This is just my suggestion. So use them as a simple guide and delete and add as you feel necessary.

P.S.This post is dedicated to all my pregnant friends. All the best for the new and adventurous journey that you are about to embark on. You will (I assure you) have an amazing learning experience and loads of fun.


  1. Useful info! there's a lot of info out there for pregnant moms but a condensed list or even experience from another mom always helps!

  2. Thanks a lot Shirls...I am glad that it was helpful to you!!


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