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B for Baby!!

"A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on."  ~Carl Sandburg

My previous post was on what to buy for yourself while you are expecting (the link:  Baby on Board!!). In this post I will be giving you a list of some of the things you might want to buy for your baby. Again these are what I have bought and think you might need and this list should serve as a guide for you when you are making your "what to get for baby" list. You can always add or subtract from this. It is better to have an idea about them before you hit the baby section of the department store.
You might be tempted to buy the whole baby shop for your bundle of joy and you will find it really hard to restrain yourself from the displays that the shops put up....but ask yourself do I really need that or will my baby be needing this right now?

Below is a list of the things I had bought for my baby....and to be frank some of them I still use and some I haven't used at all. At the end of the post you will find the names of  things that I bought and didn't use followed by an explanation. So here goes:

New born baby Pampers
1. Diapers: Check the ones for new born babies. They will be indicated with weight in kg. and it is something between 2 - 5 kg. Even if you are planing to use cloth for diapering your baby you will need this in the hospital unless they provide you. I prefer to have one pack at can always alternate them with cloth diapers later on in-case you didn't use them in the hospital.

Cloth and Pins for diapering
2. Cloth for diapers: If you are planing to use cloth diapers you will have to stock up on these and I advice you to wash them and dry them before you use them...this will be hygienic and will help to make the cloth more water absorbent.

3. Securer: This is just a term I am using to list a few of the options you can use to secure the cloth diaper in place if you are planing to use them.
a) Diaper Pins - get the ones for securing the cloth diapers...they have a protective cap like the ones in the picture above.

b) SNAPPI - this is like a stretchable string that is Y- shaped...and should be stretched in all direction before using it to fasten the diaper. They will hold the cloth in place like in the picture.

Diaper Covers
c) Cloth diaper cover - you won't need the other two if you are getting these as you can just fold and line the cover with the cloth and button up. They have a plastic lining and are available in different sizes, so make sure you get the small one for a new born. Get ones with a plastic outside cause it will not stain like in the case of cloth and can be wiped clean and dried to be used faster than the one with cloth outsides. Get a minimum number of these cause they can be reused as they serve as just a cover and you will be replacing the soiled cloth lining inside them. One thing you need to be careful about is to check to see when baby is wet cause it may not be visible when covered up....but then again your baby will let you know when he is ready for a change.

4. Baby washing powder: This is not a must have but there are detergents that are designed for the sole purpose of washing soiled baby clothes (like cloth diapers). They will not contain harmful chemicals or fragrant that would irritate the sensitive baby skin. I still use one...but this is my choice...check them out and see if you want to buy them...or just get a small pack and use it in the initial days and change to the one you use if the baby is not sensitive skinned or prone to rashes. 

5. Diaper rash creams: I used Sudocrem like the one in the picture. They are really really good. Your baby might not get nappy rashes but it is nice to know that something like this exists and you can almost always go for this one in-case you need them. Even my pediatrician recommended them.They can also be used for dry skin or surface wounds and cuts....I used them on my C-section scars when they became itchy it can be used by us too.

6. Baby Wipes: You may choose to use soft cloth damped with water to wipe your baby. You could get just get one small pack of wipes to keep it handy to use when you are traveling with your baby...and do make sure you get the ones for sensitive skin. Baby wipes if used frequently could dry the skin and may lead to diaper rashes. And if your baby ever has diaper rashes never ever use them on your baby as it will only aggravate the condition. 

7. Clothes for babies: Try to get back open cotton clothes for babies to use in the initial days. This will be convenient to put will just need to slip the arms into the armholes and this will cover the chest of the baby. Later when you become confident enough to dress your baby you can go for fancy stuff. But the key is to keep it less complicated and comfortable for the baby. Make sure to wash all that comes in contact with the babies skin before using them for the first time.

Hooded Towel
8. Hooded towel: You will get you baby a towel but apart from that a hooded towel is a blessing because more than serving the purpose of a towel it serves the purpose of a blanket or a wrap for the baby when you are traveling as it keeps the baby all cozy and warm. I still use my sons hooded towel as his blanket and to shield his ear on windy days when we step out of the house.

Sleeping Bag
9. Baby sleeping bags: Swaddling is a great way to ensure that your infant sleeps well but in some cases this may not work as the baby may not like to be swaddled (like my son) and at moments like these having a sleeping bag will do the trick. The other plus point is that this will help to hold the baby while you are traveling. The hooded portion has a zipper or button which can be undone if not needed and this serves as a comfy bed for the baby anywhere anytime.

Cleaning Brushes
10. Feeding Bottles: If you choose to bottle feed then you will need them. Bottle feeding doesn't mean feeding with formula can bottle feed baby with your own beast milk after pumping them. Mostly you will require this if you are return to work anytime soon . You could buy one just in-case or look around and let your helper (hubby, mother, aunt, caretaker ...whoever will be with you after your deliver) know where to find them when you need them.
Make sure to get the correct nipple size for your baby. For 1 - 6 months they use small size, usually marked with letter 'S' and the bottle almost always has one suitable form the S-range unless otherwise mentioned. You will need a bottle cleaning brush and a nipple cleaning brush...sometimes they come together as shown in the image.

Johnson's top to toe
11. Baby Bathing Products: You don't have to stock up on all these items cause you will get them as gifts from your friends and relatives so just get one of each like a baby oil, a baby lotion , a baby wash and shampoo. If you get hold of the 'Johnson's top to toe' then you can leave out the shampoo and use this one for the body and the head from top to toe as the name suggests. This is convenient as it simplifies the don't have to switch between bottles while bathing the baby. A body lotion is a must have and go for ones which has a maximum moisturizing effect. I like the shebamed body lotion for babies as I found it has a long lasting effect. Baby powder isn't needed as it dries out the skin but can be applied to absorb water form the babies head after bath using a powder puff and should be wiped off with the towel.

12. Baby bathing tub: This will become useless in the long run and some of them are too large for comfort so check before you decide to buy them. If you have a plastic round basin large enough to hold a baby then this will do just fine and will occupy less space too. When the infant is really small you have to make sure to support her/him with one hand while bathing the less space the better. And if it is small you can set it on a table or counter top and stand while bathing the infant. Do not do this on your own if you are not confident enough...and it is always better to have someone with you to assist you while bathing the baby in the baby has good head control.

13. Rubber sheet or mat: This is ideal to have when you are giving your baby a oil massage or letting him/her get some air (sans clothes and diapers) if it gets wet with oil or water it is easy to clean and dry. It is nice to let your baby do a bit of stretching on the floor laid on a mat isn't it? And you can just sit a watch them doing some leg and hand throwing.( Warning: If yours is a boy and he is not diapered during this activity secession then you better watch out...)

14. Diaper bag: It is nice to have a diaper bag to stock up all the baby stuff when you are out and about with your little one. Most of them come with a diaper changing pad and some other stuffs like a zipper bag to store the different stuff....check the one that is convenient and economical for you. You can always use a big hand bag if you already have one and just add a diaper changing pad to it.

Well I hope I have covered almost all the needed items. Now my confession about the above listed items that I haven't used and some more: 

a)Diaper Securer: I had bought pins and covers and didn't use both. Why?
I used the end of the diaper cloth (which you fold to form a triangle shape) to secure the diaper. And when I went out I always used a disposable diaper on my baby so I didn't need the diaper covers.

b) Baby Wipes: I did buy quite a few of these packs and still have one left. Why?
They were useful when I and baby went out but otherwise it isn't really necessary as I used wet clot to wipe my baby when he was too small and later when he became bigger I would wash him in the toilet sink with running water.

d) Baby bathing tub: I did use them initially till my son became mobile. Why?
Once the baby becomes big enough to move and resists you trying to pin him down this can become a concern rather than a help as the baby could fall out from the flimsy tub when he tries to move sideways. This also takes up a lot of space in a small bathroom.

c) Baby crib/ cot: I got a small one but only used it in the mornings or when the baby was awake. Why?
I found co-sleeping with my baby as a better suited option for me. This gave me peace of mind and I could also breast feed my baby in the night. My baby and I slept better this way.

d) Baby walker: This you won't need soon but you will surely think of buying one sometime in the future. My advice 'NO'. Why?
Again it is a waste of space. It actually delays the child from learning to walk and the child may not like it. This is dangerous as it kind of gives a feeling of false security to the parent or the care taker making them more careless. If the baby falls due to a level difference or trips on some road block it will be more dangerous while seated in the walker.

e) Stroller: This is something you can buy once you and your baby decide to set out exploring the world. They will enjoy the ride in the early days but may resit once they become bigger. When they are 2 or 3 years they might enjoy being pushed in them rather than dragged along as I have seen toddlers who are 2 and 3 quite happy sitting in their strollers in the malls and supermarkets.

f) Toys: Don't over do it....they will not play with these now. But you could get a few age appropriate ones to use as a distraction while bathing them or when they cry. Some toys like rattles can actually scare the baby with their nose.

g) Car seats: Get them for sure if you have a car. Some strollers have car seats with them. So better to go for these as you could unlock the car seat and secure them in the stroller.

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