Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Simplify your wardrobe

"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak."  ~Hans Hofmann

Do you have a cupboard overflowing with clothes? Do you feel that all the clothes you have in there are being used by you at sometime or the other through out the year? Well it is time to think again and to take a closer look at not only your selection of clothes but also your shoes, handbags and more......How?
Let me introduce you to PROJECT 333 (check out the link at the bottom of the post to read all about it). I learned a lot from this project and have summed them up in my own words.

Project 333 basically deals with us taking a good look at our wardrobe and selecting the most valuable set of clothing, jewelery, accessory, outerwear and shoes and  eliminating the rest of the stuff we hardly use or fit into. The sum total of all this should be 33. That means you are to choose and limit your entire wardrobe to 33 articles for a span of 3 months. Sounds interesting? or Challenging?
I know most of us would gasp at the idea of just having 33 things to choose from. But the truth is we might be using just 33 articles from our wast reserve of clothes, accessories, outerwear, jewelery and shoes that we have.

Inspired by this or rather excited by this I did a closet clean up and chose the clothes that I fit into and the ones I wear frequently to reach a specific number. I was surprised to see that I had more clothes to put away than wear. But if you ask me whether or not  I managed an exact 33.....then I will have to confess and say no. The reason being that I have two separate sets of dressing style....one set of clothes are exclusively for office wear like formal tops, trousers, coats, shoes, earrings and hand bags....and the other is the more "ME" style (which is the one I use when not in office of course) like jeans, tops, salwars and so on. But I can assure you that I washed and packed off lots more clothes than I thought I would. My cupboard was full and I couldn't see what was hanging in there.....it was jam-packed. But when I decided to sort my clothes based on the most worn, most liked, correctly fitting and weather appropriate clothes I was able to streamline them to just the minimum number.

The advantages:

1. Easy to pick out stuff to wear (especially to the office).
2. More space in my cupboard so I can now see, move, remove and put back clothes more easily.
3. Mix and match the available items. Makes you creative.
4. Store away a neatly laundered set of clothes to take out when bored with my now variety. It is like having a completely new set of clothes to wear after a while.
5. Less mess, less stress and happier me. I don't have to pull out something and then feel bad that I don't fit into them and get depressed about my expanded waistline (thanks to my son) early in the morning.
6. I got to see that some of my clothes needed some time out (the old worn-out ones) and I gave those poor fellows a break. Washed and kept away for a while....they deserve it.
7. My handbags....I have quite a few of them.....astonishing discovery!!!..... and I have decided to use the less used ones more often and not to limit myself to the one handbag for a whole month syndrome.
8. Then I discovered that there are clothes in there that I don't like.....the ones that fall into the "what was I thinking when I bought them?" category. So will give them to my sister hehehe!!! (She will look better in them than me anyways...).
9. This made me realize that I have loads of clothes and I have to think before I decide to step into a trial room again.....especially stay away from the tempting word SALE.
10. Last but not the least it simplifies things. Limited choices can actually make things simple....what a relief.

The disadvantages:

There are actually none when you come to think of it but I was kind of worried that people will notice my lack of dress choices.....but then again I probably was only wearing the ones I am wearing now long before I even started....so it is just my mind playing tricks on me.

I rather enjoyed doing it....and I am now looking up to see if I can eliminate more from my selection to narrow down to number 33.
So if you are ready to try this out or if you are thinking of cleaning your clothes clutter and having an amazing set of clothes that you love to wear and you almost always manage to fit into.... then just take up the "PROJECT 333".

Check out the  The Project 333 for a detailed description about it. What are included in the 33 articles of clothing and what are excluded from the list....the duration...the plus factors....and comments from people who tried it....its all in there.

Have Fun!!


  1. it works really..!
    organize things makes life easy and beautiful..!
    I think there is a certain way for do each thing properly and systematically to get rid of the trouble and stress. Here the significant matter is to get the proper knowledge about the system. Your blogs are really meant to that.

  2. Wow!! Thanks DH...I am so encouraged by your comments :D

  3. Hae u wrote this keeping me in mind right;)gt it,next time u get home u'll get to see a clean wardrobe i assure u :).Your always the best in these sort of things so shall always follow your footsteps..


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