Wednesday, 23 March 2011


 "A man would do nothing if he waited until he could do it so well that no one could find fault."  ~John Henry Newman

I don't know from where I got it a characteristic of my Sun Sign or is it something I inherited for my parents, grandparents or ancestors....or is it something that I began to use as a yardstick to measure myself when I reached a specific age or stage in my life......this craving for perfection.

Maybe the need to be perfect in certain areas of my life has always been there inside me. Why the stress on certain? Well I don't always fall into that trap or don't always strive for it. Only in some areas where I take to comparing myself with those around me like my work, my home, my list a few...I strive so hard to be perfect. In certain areas where I am new and inexperienced I kind of give up trying and accept that I am human....... like motherhood for example.
Being a mother you realize that to strive for perfect can only lead to a lot of stress. Many times I would keep off doing things because I wanted it to be done perfectly and after a while it would become overwhelming. Slowly I shifted from that and began to focus on just getting things done and out of the way. I wanted my home to look almost clean but not perfect on most days of the week.

The one thing I liked about FLYLady   is that she keep insisting 'not to let the need to be perfect stop you from being organized' umpteen number of times. It kind of serves as a reminder for the reforming perfectionists like me. As I have started to take baby steps in organizing (with the FLYing lessons) I have noticed that things needn't be done the way I thought it had to be. A bit of time is all it takes to clean off something you thought would take a days work as far as you don't allow your perfection to get the better of you. 

Take a few minutes to check if your need to be PERFECT is causing you more harm than good.We all strive for it don't we? They say 'practice makes perfect' but when you look deeper into it we realize that the perfection that they are referring to may not be 'PERFECTION' as we see it but merely the art of doing things in the right or correct manner.

Perfection is something that we come up is like a set of standards that we use to measure ourselves...these standards are in our guide book (our minds). Our standards to measure perfection may vary from those of our friends or relatives. It is kind of personal in a way isn't it? And we have collected this list by watching those around us and assuming that they are perfect in ways we are not. We see our mothers and wish we could do all that they did or still do...we look at our neighbors homes and think that ours don't match up to theirs. What may be surprising to you is that you may seem to be perfect, your home perfect and your work perfect to someone else.

I checked out Wikipedia's definition for Perfectionism and found out that this can be considered as a disorder if it is not in the right levels. In short perfectionist are never happy or satisfied with the end result of their efforts. Wow!! are you a perfectionist? Think you want to continue being unhappy striving for perfection to such extreme degrees? If not change your views...change your ideas about perfection and live a longer happier life by just being you.... which can never be PERFECT because you are after all human.

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