Thursday, 31 March 2011

Books for Moms..

"A grand adventure is about to begin. ~ Winnie the Pooh"

Everyone reads some baby book or the other while they are pregnant. I have done the same. And my personal favorite is titled What to Expect When You are Expecting. This was the first book from this collection that I laid my hands on. After this I became a great fan of their series of books some of which I have read and some of which I am still reading. So lets see what they offer...shall we?

The "What To Expect" range of books are a real help for the women who are planning a pregnancy, expecting (pregnant already), have a new born or a toddler at home. They have quite a collection of books written in a simple yet efficient way. Their official web site is

Here are a few that I feel are really helpful for the moms.....

What to Expect Before You're Expecting:
This I haven't read but I am sure it will be good since their other publications are simply excellent. So if you are thinking or planing to get pregnant anytime soon and wish to do a bit of reading this book would be a good read.

What to Expect When You're Expecting:
This book I have by page...and I loved it. It was a great help during my expecting days. I would check to see how the week or month will be like. It was like having a best friend who has been there done that.

What to Expect The First Year:
I started reading this book during my last phase of pregnancy. I just wanted to know how it will be like when the baby was finally out. This book is really nice. It has loads of information relating to each month, growth chart, developments and how to take care of a baby, feeding, diapering, common illness and first aids.....I can go on and is just too good.
It has helped me a lot. I feel it is a must for 1st time mothers who have no clue about babies.

What to Expect The Toddler Years:
This is something I gifted myself with when my son became one year old. I am loving is all that I had expected it to be and much more. Hopefully I can survive my son's toddler years armed with this book.

Prerna from The MOM Writes has written a nice review about these books so check it out. Click here to read Prerna's Review.
She also recommends Spiritual Pregnancy by Gopika Kapoor as a good read for the expecting mothers. Click here for her Review.

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