Monday, 28 February 2011

Shine your sink?

"Our house is clean enough to be healthy, and dirty enough to be happy."  ~Author Unknown

As part of being in the organizing clinch for the past month or two I have embarked on a mission to learn something new and interesting to make my life more organized and manageable. Some times the most silly things that may sound utterly ridicules actually works wonders to boost our ability to attain our goal (in my case being organized). One such thing is "Shine your Sink". You might be wondering what I am talking about and I will shortly embark on a life changing narration of how Shine Your Sink made a difference in my life ( I will keep it short).

I first read about this in a site called  FLYLady and I took to following her instructions of Shining my Sink before going to bed as she had instructed me to and I was amazed at the effect it had on me.

I know this sounds too good to be true but every night before going to bed I clean my kitchen and toilet sink and somehow I feel a sense of achievement. Don't know how to explain have to do it to know how it feels. But all I can say is it kind of propels you to do more good habits once you get into this daily ritual of cleaning your sink. Now I have embarked on her foot steps to maintain a clean home. No...don't think I am an absolute follower of everything the FLYLady says but I have just stated and so far it has been good. I added some new things to my Night Ritual other than Sink Shining and that is wiping the toilet floor dry. I thought if I could shine the sink then I could just pour some water on the toilet floor and use a wiper to wipe the toilet floor clean thus making it look nice and inviting in the mornings.

Now I have made a list of things to do before doing to bed (simple things) and then I have to have a Morning routine too so it will be more fulfilling and kind of like a whole package.

You can check out FLYLady's site to know what I am talking about. Here is the link for the Beginers Baby Steps section of the FLYLady site. Happy learning.

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