Sunday, 13 February 2011


"A place for everything, and everything in its place."
~ Isabella Mary Beeton
Clean and organized spaces (be it big or small) offer a visual treat, a mental calmness and a somewhat unexplainable feeling of happiness (I am not exaggerating).
I recently told my husband that a house should look like a resort....hehehe!!! Well not so picture perfect but somewhat relaxing to enter into.....Your home is a place you unwind after a long days work by curling into a sofa with a book and a cup of coffee or by playing peek -a-boo with your baby or by cooking a warm lovey meal and watching a show on TV....whatever your ways of unwinding maybe is all done in that place you call your home, your room, your apartment or whatever you choose to call it.

I have been hooked on blogs relating to organizing recently. There are loads of them but I have a few favorites. I read them and get inspired to do a little organizing each weekend. There are a few things I learned from these blogs that I would like to share with you.

1) Organizing is a continuous process: If you think that you are going to organize your closet and it will stay that way then I am sorry to say it is not. You will have to revisit them and invest some time in it once in a while to keep it functional and clutter free. The same applies to any space - kitchen cupboards, drawers, work desk, TV stand, computer table etc.

2) One-in = One-out: The main problem that we all face is an over load of it cookware, clothes, toys, books, handbags, shoes.....we have more than we need or use. If we follow the one-in = one-out rule we will think twice before we buy another pair of shoes or utensil or even coffee mug.

3) House it: Every thing in your home has a house....I mean they belong somewhere right? If not then they simply should. Allot place for each item in your contain them, to set boundary, to confine them and restrict them. Say a box for your kids toys, a basket for your magazines, a shelf for your pantry and so on and stick to the space limit. If your possession over flow their set limits then somethings got to go.

4) Use what you have: The simple things that we throw out and we term as garbage can be used to help us organize like shoe boxes, glass jars, glass bottles, tins, any cardboard box, cereal box, baskets...and so on. So next time before you decide to toss something stop and think if you could use it to house your belongings.

5) Get creative: As mentioned above using boxes and bins and stuff will involve a bit of creativity. Apart form that you could decorate ordinary cardboard boxes with gift warping paper to make it beautiful when they are on display on your counter top. You can use your creativity to re-purpose some things like - use a ice cube try to hold your earnings, an extra coffee mug to hold your toothbrush and paste.

Gift Bags
6) Bag it: Add a few sturdy hooks and hang a clot bag or gift bag you received your present in to house your don't always need boxes.

7) Group it: Keeping things that go together will be easy to take out and put back instead of hunting for different items. Like if you keep your coffee,coffee cream,sugar, coffee mug, tea spoons all together in a basket/box/tray near the coffee maker/kettle then it would be convenient right? Likewise keep all the stuff needed for baking together will make it easy to takeout, use and store after use.

8) Don't buy stuff: If you think that you need to go shopping to get your stuff organized then please stop. Evaluate what you already some of the box,bag,carton,baskets and all things that you most probably will have in and around your house before you hit the market.

9) Allot time: Time = size of space....if you have more time and if you are in the mood to tackle large spaces then do so. If you have just 15min then just clean one drawer, or one shelf in your closet. Don't take up too much and then get disheartened. Slow and steady wins the race remember!!!

10) Picture it: It is nice to have a visual image as to how you want your space to look at the end of your organizing activity. So picture the result and work towards it. Like picture a neatly arranged bookshelf with your favorite books, a kitchen counter that is clean and uncluttered.....and so on.

11) Follow the 10min rule: I sometimes find that just putting in 10min.of my time to clean a small space makes a huge difference to my mood and reduces clutter and stress.

12) All or nothing: Don't follow this rule.....Some people do all the organizing work at a time and get overwhelmed and just give up all together. Don't follow that path as it is a sure path to disaster. Do small things whenever possible like picking up the chocolate wrapper or the empty tea cup will contribute to the over all appeal of the space.

13) Appreciate: Appreciate yourself for what you have done. Maybe you were able to just clean out your kitchen drawer today but then you did it so be happy and don't get stressed about what you couldn't do.

14) Get motivate: For everything we undertake to last we need motivation to fuel us and propel us in that direction. So here check these blogs out....they keep me motivated:

P.S: There are loads of blogs out there....the ones mentioned above have nice articles and great tips on how to get more organized in different areas of your life so go through them and do a little will surely make you want to do a bit of organizing ;)


  1. Hi Ranjeetha,
    Thanks for the shoutout! Am so glad you're taking the time and the effort to get organized.. Trust me, life becomes so much easier when everything is in its place, as I'm sure you've discovered for yourself:-)

  2. Thanks Prerna....Through your blog and your writing assignments I have discovered a whole lot of others who give great suggestions to doing things the better and simpler way. It is truly inspiring....and I am working my way slowly :)

  3. This article is really nice i shall be using these tips of yours to keep my hostel room clean;)thanks alot.....One doubt from where did u get the picture of my room(hehehe)


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