Sunday, 27 February 2011

One Year !!!

"We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today."  ~Stacia Tauscher

Yesterday was my son's first birthday. Wow! how fast time went....I can remember how small he was and how so dependent on me for everything big and small and now he is quite an independent little fellow. As the years go by I know he will need less and less of me. I have decided to enjoy what is left of his dependence on me while it lasts.

He has officially entered what we call the Toddler Years (1 to 3 years of age). He has amazed us (me and my husband) by his ways and mannerisms for the past one year. What can I say it was a growing and learning experience for all the 3 of us.

A child brings a whole lot of positives into our lives. We hardly realize it or appreciate it when we are tired and worn out with endless sleepless nights, diaper changes, feeding bottles, messy clothes and so on. But now when I look back at the year that went by I realize how much I have changed and grown as a person, a women, a wife and a mother. My son has taught me a lot in this one year.

Patience is a Virtue: I thought I had a lot of patience being an architect who is used to altering plans umpteen number of times to suite the client's needs by pasting a smile on your face even when you are pulling out your hair in the privacy of your thoughts. But being patient with a child who has no idea that his dependence is actually testing your patience at times is quite a different thing. I had a lot to  learn and I can't say I have finished yet. I know it will take a lot of getting used to since my son has stated being mobile on his chubby feet and pulling down things, opening shelves and drawers and entering the kitchen and slamming the door shut after him.

Simple Pleasures: The small things they do can drive you nuts but will make you smile as well. My son delights in pulling down clothes that I have just folded into neat piles. He likes being buried under the tumbling tower of clothes.......not so funny......well you will find it funny when you see the smile on his face.

Sense of humor:  If you don't have one then you will need one so please find it to maintain your sanity. My husband always tells me that the key to keeping your cool is to see things in a funny light. And I had lost my funny bone somewhere down the road to motherhood but my son has helped me find it in the past year. Not like I had a choice....if I don't laugh at myself for being stupid enough to layout stuff that are tempting to a child's eyes and chubby hands then I would just get frustrated and go it is better this way....laugh with your son when he has managed to spoil your carpet with biscuit crumbs, your kitchen floor with scattered pans and dirty his new clothes with sticky stuff (God knows form where).

Don't take things for granted: Putting the cap back on his feeding bottle, being able to kick a ball, hugging his favorite teddy bear, bringing things for mama to throw or put away all make my son fell happy....he is being productive...and he like it. We are also doing so many things with our bodies but we hardly give a thought to those around us who might not be able to use their limbs, or sense organs for their intended purpose. Every time I see my son getting excited about the things he is being able to do I realize how much I am blessed to have a healthy child and how blessed I am to be healthy and alive.

Gratitude: I have realized the role my parents played in bringing me up and for making me who I am today. Seeing my son I know how much time, patience and love they would have invested in me form the day I was born up to now. Even now they are constantly praying and wishing me and my small family all the happiness in the world.

Growing and learning: I am not who I was one year back. I have grown into something I never thought I could ever become....a Mother....It is a learning process and a work in progress....and is it something that will continue till the very end (my end).

Last but not the least: My partner in crime - my goes without saying that without his help nothing would have been possible....when you need support, when you have to scream or yell, when you want to cry or complain, when you make mistakes...lose your mind and yourself.....there is only one person who gets affected BIG TIME...and that is your husband....and mine has been bearing with my tantrums (which are worse than my son's) quite bravely....if there was a Nobel Prize for tolerant husbands then I am sure he will be on the list of eligible candidates (might even make it to the top 3).  

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