Thursday, 3 February 2011


"The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium."  ~Norbet Platt

In my early teens I developed the love for writing. No, not stories and novels but just about myself and my thoughts that were way too much for me to handle. I used to call them as diary entries and were done in a pretty pink diary with a small lock (the typical girly type).
I used to think that my secrets were safe in that small book of mine with a flimsy lock. Funny now when I think of it but then in those days they helped me cope with all the issues that teens deal with..... like peer pressure, confusion of all kinds, doubts about oneself, dreams about the future.....and a whole lot more including parent conflicts.

Then in my college days I became more of a notebook person. I got a nice big thick bound note book that had an inscription on the hard cover which read "JOURNAL". And I started pouring out all my college woes into them. It kept me sane during my college years when the syllabus and staff would have otherwise driven me mad. I began to find solace in the pages that I inked day after day. It was amazing because whenever I approached my journal with a problem I would somehow find a solution to it by the end of my penning activity.

My writings were in the form of poems and pores sometimes. I would describe the situation I was facing in a blur manner so that if anyone daring to read my thoughts happened to browse through it would actually find no names or particular incidents there that would hint them of who or what I was talking about. I was amazed at my style of writing (blame it on the creative span of teenage years) and pretty contended with my journaling that would carry it whenever I travel be it my home town or study tour or friends home...I couldn't part with it.

When I got married I began to share my journal entries with my husband. Slowly I became lazy to pursue this habit of mine because I had used my journal as my friend all these years and a means to vent my frustration and anger and confusions and now my husband became my source of comfort. But then when I was separated from him during my pregnancy days as I had gone down to India for my delivery I began to journal again. I made notes about my baby's development and my fears associated with delivery and my doubts about being a good mother and a whole lot of stuff. After my baby was born I never got much time to peruse my habit so I gave up. Then I started blogging and lost interest in my hobby of "writing notes to myself" as I fondly called my journal writing.

Why am I talking about this topic now? Well yesterday after a long long time I picked up my journal and I rediscovered the joy of inking my thoughts. Its amazing how I can manage to stay sane when I write down stuff. I wish you too would try it.....its will laugh at all the stuff that you seriously wrote about days back when you read it relives tension and it helps you solve problems. don't believe me do you? Well here check this out 100 Benefits of Journaling just for you.
Hope you will journal too!!! So happy journaling!!!


  1. continue writing....ur writings are very nice...perhaps, it is bcoz of it emerges from bottom of the heart

  2. Thanks....:)Will try my best to write nice things.


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