Monday, 7 February 2011

Getting things done

"It's incredibly easy to get caught up in an activity trap, in the busy-ness of life, to work harder and harder at climbing the ladder of success only to discover it's leaning against the wrong wall. It is possible to be busy - very busy - without being very effective."~ Stephen Covey

A few days back I was discussing some work related issues with my husband (my adviser in adversities) he gave me an excellent suggestion on how to reduce work related stress. He said ask your senior to "prioritize" the projects that you are working on for you - this way you can deal with them on a more organized manner - one work at a time.
As I approached the day on this note of advise I began to realize how much easier it was for me to do my multiple tasks at hand. The one that needed urgent attention was dealt with first and dismissed (phew...) and then the rest of the day I was kind of free to work on the remaining work load at a somewhat normal case you are wondering as to how dump I am not knowing that we all need to prioritize to get work done then in my defense I would like to say that sometimes we miss on the most simple to follow instructions :)

I am kind of a stress bug....I get stressed when work load increases....I like to work at a relaxed pace and don't like people telling me they want something done fast or right now (who does?).

Now let us shift to the home scenario. I used to have a whole list of things that I intend to do or complete when I get home from work. And at times I couldn't get most of them done. But recently I have realized that this 'TO-DO' list that I make sometimes causes me more stress than relief. Now I have began to prioritize my daily activities. I had been doing this unconsciously for the past few weeks but now I have devised a plan on how to go about my day after I get home.
I have things that I do only on weekends and things that I do daily. The daily things are, as I have learned, to be kept to a minimum so as to reduce stress.
If you are stressing over unfinished tasks then it could be you too are not prioritizing. It is easy to have a stress free day especially when it come to your home if you could list out things that are of top most priority to you and make a plan to follow it on a daily basis (so it will be like a flow) and soon it will become a natural process.

My priority list is people oriented :

1) My son,
2) Hubby and 
3) Me

Let me explain:

1) 5pm to 7 pm: After I get home from work I spent the next 2 hrs. with my son, so I schedule all things that are associated with him while I am with him during that span of time.
Like: ~ Give him his medicines (if there are any),
~ Clean out his bag that I take to the babysitter and load them with clean clothes,diapers, lotion, toys, towel....for the next day
~ Feed my son
~ Play with him and
~ Bathe him before daddy comes so he is all fresh and ready to greet his 'dada'.

2) 7pm onwards: My husband is home by 7pm usually. Since he is a very accommodating person who doesn't fuss about fresh meals 3 times a day 7 days a week my meal preparations are scheduled for the weekend except for an occasional side dish or salad or sandwich which is prepared on the spur of the moment. So while dad and son are busy cuddling (an activity that they engage in as soon as my husband reaches home) I just pop my previously prepared meal into the microwave..tadaa!! hot hot dinner ready for two.

3) Me time: I am free to do the thing that I ought to or planned to while dad and son play. These usually include things that I need to get done for the next day like: washing feeding bottles, washing and cleaning just the basic stuff (dinner plates, quick sink and worktop clean up), laying clothes out for next day and so on.

The day ends when: Dad puts baby to bed (my son prefers that with an occasional shift in taste) while mom finishes off last minute stuff and then set alarm and zzzzzzz.............till next day.

Sounds simple doesn't it? Well that is because it is all planned and I follow this plan on most days without fail (with a few exceptions on weekends). I know routine can be boring but if you stick with one it is quite rewarding when it comes to getting things done -  saves time, energy and minimizes stress.

Do you prioritize? Whats your style of prioritizing? If you don't then try it you will like it I am sure.


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