Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Hostel Life...

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."  ~Theodore Roosevelt

I was a hosteler in my college days. At first I thought I was less fortunate when compared to my day scholar friends but after a while I began to enjoy it to the maximum. There are a few things that make hostel life fun and the most important factor is that you have loads of friends.
I have learned some important but interesting lessons during my hostel life let me share some with you:
1. 1 room = 6 beds : Oh! yes in my 1st year we were 6 in a room and somehow we managed to survive. 
2. Pickles = meal time buddy : I was someone who never used pickles when I was at home. But in a hostel it was like our best meal time buddy.
3. Maggie Noddles = meal in a pot : Hmm...maggie noodles + boiling water kept closed for a while in a soup bowl = delicious one pot meal...add a little ketchup and you ready to dig in.
4. A good book = time travel : I became a collector of books of Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austine and many others and loved to escape into their period and era....it was better than watching any movie.
5. Boost = energy drink : We used to get hot milk in the night so many of us would survive without dinner by just having milk with some boost, horlicks or any other flavoring.
6. Room Mates = friends, advisers, sisters and much more : I was fortunate to have great room mates. They doubled and tripled in their functionality as my friends, supporters...they were shoulders to cry on after a horrible day at college, they would offer great advise and would cheer you up after a long day.
7. Your room mate going home for the weekend = loads of home made goodies to eat : We would desperately wait our room mate to return back from home....far from missing her we were more interested in the stuff her mom would pack for her and us in generous proportions to be consumed over the next couple of days.
8. All mothers = great cooks : Sometimes we learn lessons the hard way....like I realized what a wonderful cook my mother is after I tasted hostel food (my hostel food was edible compared to some of the other hostels....but still mom's the best) and all mothers cook excellent food (I enjoyed many dishes which my friends mom's prepared too).
9. You are the star in a day scholars home : Hehehehe!! well we always enjoyed the attention we get in our fellow day scholars homes when we go for a visit....this would drive them crazy as we are the good hostel girls who eat all that is served in our plates and we complement their mom's cooking and everything she does.....can't blame her for liking us can you?!!
10. We are independent : we become good at doing our own laundry, cooking up noodles, making our beds, arranging our stuff..... waking up to an alarm clock....and so on. Independence is the sum total of all this and much more ( wish we knew this when we fought with our parents about being independent!!)

I really enjoyed my hostel life.....but some of you might have had a horrible time in the hostel. I guess I was the lucky one or maybe I just made the best of what I had.


  1. You make hostel life sound great :).There are various aspects of analysing a situation u r in.
    I like the way u described all the good stuffs that happen in hostel :).......
    You know what hostel life is not all that bad ;)

  2. Hostel life is amazing....you wont realize it until its all gone...so my advice is enjoy it when its there...you might have problems and situations that make you go crazy....try to learn form them...they will help you when you step outside college into the world :)

  3. Nice post :) I do remember the good things about hostel life and I have a lot of years of experience in that department (10 years; i stayed in hostel-like accommodations while I was working too and before college).....it is something I would definitely recommend to any youngster - its part of the learning curve....but personally, some of my years in hostel spoilt the experience for me that I look back on them with mixed feelings...

  4. I know what you mean Shirls....but I feel all those difficulties just make you stronger..like the saying goes "That which don't kill you can only make you stronger" right!! :D


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