Monday, 3 January 2011

Forgive yourself

"We achieve inner health through forgiveness - the forgiveness not only of other but also of ourselves" ~ Joshua Loth Liebman

Have you ever had anyone close to you telling you that they have done something wrong and that they just hate themselves for it? What do you do then? If you are like me then you will give them loads of advise. And as and ending note you would ask them to let go and move on, we all make mistakes and so on.....we would encourage them and make them feel better inside out and help them to forgive themselves.

Now lets look at our lives....we have made loads of mistakes in the past year or the years before that. It can be in any area of our life say career, family life, some thing we said to our friends or loved ones that hurt them so bad, or cooking blunders (like a new dish you tried and came out all wrong).........and all this has left you discouraged and heart broken that you just criticize yourself and don't forgive the person in you who faltered. Are we ready to move on? If so then we really need to forgive ourselves first. For most of us this is not easy....we are our own worst critique and we somehow never completely forgive ourselves of our past mistakes.

I have found that treating the faltered person inside us as a different human being sometimes help. This will require you to imagine that you are talking to someone else not yourself....someone who you love and is depending on you for acceptance and encouragement after having made a blunder (no matter how big or small that maybe). What would you say to that person then? Would you dig a deeper wound and criticize more or would you hug and console her? Would you say soothing words of encouragement that would help her forgive and move on or make her remember her mistakes for the rest of her life?

Take some time to think about this and treat the faltered person in you as another person apart from you. Now write a letter to that person as you would to your best friend. After you finish read and see what you have written.....if this exercise has made you feel like you can and have forgiven yourself then we are ready for a fresh start this New Year.

P.S. My findings from the web on forgiving oneself.



  1. yes we should forgive our self, actually it is a part of self respect.

  2. After reading this writing work of yours i realized frogiving yourself is not a mistake,before u seek forgiveness from the person u hurt,u should forgive urself :)


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