Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Early Bird!!

"The older generation thought nothing of getting up at five every morning - and the younger generation doesn't think much of it either."  ~John J. Welsh

Blast form the past:My dad always woke up at 4:30am despite what day it was. He showed no partiality what so ever to any day of the week...everyday was the same...even on weekends or holidays...he was up at 4:30am.
I admired my dad for his ability to be an early riser. I often asked him why he woke up at the same time even on holidays when he could afford to lay in bed longer. He would say that his main reason for waking up was to light the lamp -  we had a lamp lit all through the day near the picture of Jesus Christ (our alter - as we called it)...and my dad would trim the wick, fill the lamp with oil and light it. To this I would reply that God would understand if you sleep a little longer on weekends dad. Anyway he never took me seriously and would continue his morning ritual as usual. His ritual consisted of bathing, praying and meditation, having breakfast while listening to the radio or reading his favorite magazine.....then he would walk to the bus stop to catch his bus...on time everyday...he never missed his bus.

Dad never insisted in any of us waking up that early so we all took our own sweet time in waking up. I was proud of myself for waking up half an hour before leaving to school and getting ready within a matter of seconds and rushing out the door to make it in time for school. I used to consider this as an efficiency - something like meeting a projects dead line. Anyway I had varying timings of waking up throughout the past years as I took on different roles : working woman, wife and now motherhood. 

Present Scenario: When you reach motherhood the thing you crave most is sleep...and there is nothing like cuddling your baby and sleeping with him all cozy and warm in the winter months. Everyday I wake up hoping I could just crawl back under those sheets again. But then I have to go for work (something I enjoy doing as it makes me feel useful and productive) so finally I get up and drag myself to the bathroom....the rest is history (which I don't want to repeat to you guys).

Recently I read a post  The Beauty of Waking up Early in the Morning this got me thinking seriously about giving this a try. Well I may not get up at 4:30 am like my dad but for the past few days I have managed to wake up at 5:45 am than my usual 7:00 am (or later... after my husband's repeated efforts to wake me up - I know it should be the other way round right!!). My decision was fueled by the fact that my son's baby sitter was changed - the former one was just below my apartment (same building)...I could pop him in and run, the new one is a bit further away...so need to leave early, cannot miss any of the items that I pack for the baby sitter....and so on (I think you get the picture).

So far its been really good...I hope I can change my waking up time from the now 5:45 am to a 5 am. This way I will get more time to relax and maybe read, pray and enjoy a little of "me-time" before the busy-crazy day begins. I now realize why my dad did what he did....wake up early everyday. 

If you are planning to wake up early like me then you should have an evening routine that would make it all the more easier and organized....for this please read Morning and evening routine.
Well this is not the end...but the beginning of something that I hope to practice until it becomes a habit....once it becomes a habit then no fear 'cause as they say "Habits die hard".


  1. Hey Ranjeetha! Congrats on the early morning rising and the evenin routine.. Am sure you'll find life is a lot more easier when you have a structure in place. Good going! Thanks for linking to The Mom Writes! Glad you found the posts useful:-)

  2. Thanks Prerna for your comments...I really liked your article...keep on writing the good stuff.


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