Wednesday, 5 January 2011

All about Discipline!!

"You will always be your child's favorite toy."  ~Vicki Lansky

My son lights up like a 1000 watts bulb when he sees his "dada". I have tried to see if I have the same effect on my son but no. You might see similar case with your own child as he grows up to recognize people. I did a bit of reading and found out that this is normal and it has nothing to do with you.
It is normal for a child to prefer one of the parent more than the other so no need to panic. This doesn't mean that he/she likes his daddy more or hates you. It just means that when he is with the other person his needs are met more easily...translated as "he gets his way".
If you are the strict parent in the house then your child will most probably react like how my son reacts on seeing his dada. If this behavior is tempting you to be lenient with you child then my advice would be "no" because when the baby approaches 10 months it is a good idea to start training you child. I didn't mean training him like he is in some military camp....I meant helping him know what kind of behavior is acceptable and what is not.

Let me state a few examples :
~No touching on sockets and electrical switches and plugs.
~No chewing on thing that he picks up form the floor.
~No tearing up magazines.
~No hitting people or other kids.
~No to any actions that may pose a danger to the infant in any way.

While you say no to your child you have to understand that he/she will continue this activity again and again not because he wishes to irritate you but because he is leaning many things and exploring the new world around him. And one of the things that he is trying to learn is the effect of his actions....will mummy say "no" if I do this again? Well this is why you need to be persistent in your 'no's'. Or you will be sending mixed signals to you child.
Studies have shown that the best way is to distract the child with something interesting right after the "no" statement so his attention is diverted. Beating, spanking...will not help so control your urge to do so (they are way too small for that anyway...).
Explain to your child why they shouldn't do so and so....they might not understand anything you are saying but experts suggest that communicating to your child is good because at some point he will get what you are saying.
Voice modulation is the key.....When you make a "No...don't..." statement be firm and stern....Don't smile at your child when you say a "no" because this confuses the child. He/She will watch you and take cues from your body language and tone of voice to know if you are annoyed or just playing. When you smile they will think you are playing with them and keep repeating the action.
If scolding them makes them pout and cry sooth them because they need to be reassured that mummy loves them even when she is angry with them.
As the mobility of the baby increases (crawling, pulling up on furniture, and reaching for things, pulling thing down and so on) its very important to baby proof your house. This will ease your mind and provide baby a safe zone to move and explore his environment.


  1. Ok so u have no idea of softening :).Keep it up ;).Nice piece of writing for strict mothers.

  2. Thanks :) Just trying to be a Mum!!!


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