Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Cooking with a twist

"Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity."  ~Voltaire

I like watching cookery shows, they kind of inspire me to cook. I am quite lazy in that department or should I say rather scared of trying out new things as they have a history of not turning out right when I make them. Now I have turned my attention to cooking blogs. I have been through loads of them lately.
Maybe  I don't cook as often as some of the other women in my age group or generation do cause I somehow believed that women don't cook much now a days. But I was wrong women  do cook a lot now and they are putting so much of effort into it by displaying fabulous pictures of their dishes along with instructions on how they made them.
I love reading food blogs now....apart from the recipes they also write a short intro about their daily activity or how they came to know about that particular dish or even their origin and source. The interesting part is that they don't just cook dishes that originated from their state or country....they make dishes from all across the world.
Who said women now a days don't cook!!! They do cook and they cook in style....They give step by step instructions to be followed by those who like to try out their dishes in the future. Hmm.....quite encouraging for the less experimental cooks like myself to give their recipes a try.
As of now I do not intend to join them in their display of culinary talent but may be in the distant future I would make an effort in this department. I have my own collection of tried and tested recipes (mostly regional) passed on to me from my mother but I have never really got down to organizing them into categories like say Veg, Non-Veg, Cakes and bakes.....and so on. My collection is basically in my diary written in ink and all in a jumble. I have to flip through to find what I am looking for all the time. I wish I had organized my writing when I first started but some how there is a happiness in the chaos as some dishes jump at me bringing back fond memories when I first made it.

My intro to kitchen started quite early actually but they were limited in assisting my mother with the chopping of onions, ginger, garlic and so on that are added to the main dish. My very first dish was noodles, cause I LOVE noodles and my mom makes excellent noodles. My mom was my teacher in cooking.....but what I loved about her teaching is that she was so encouraging. She would taste and tell me where I went wrong, what I added less or more or some alternative to make my dish more soothing to the palate. Thanks to her I became fit enough to prepare a simple meal for my husband when I got married. 

P.S: Of all things that mothers pass on to their daughters the most important one is their wisdom and knowledge about the simple things in life that aid their daughters some day to become a wife and mother themselves.


  1. nowadays the cookery is completely professional by means of presentation in addition to the taste. so it is more interesting when we watch the programs like "Master Chef Australia" and "Master Chef India". It is amazing to know that the participants of those programs are high profile personalities who play with competitive attitude. so the outlook of cookery has been changed a lot in terms of attitude and presentation. Actually there is a lot to learn.
    We have to taste all food either indian or outside.
    Moreover I congratulate you to give a nice acknowledgment to mommy..!

  2. Please start a new cookery blog or website of yours then can follow your footsteps ;)

  3. If I ever do start a will be in it with me sis...


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