Thursday, 4 November 2010

Just do it !

I have been thinking so hard lately to arrive at a topic to write on. Maybe I am experiencing something called a writers block (hehehe!!!!). So I decided to share something I did based on something I read ( I hope I didn't confuse you).
I am a reader of Sarah McColl's columns and she had an article that interested me and which I put into practice a month back. I think it had something to do with raising your self esteem (not sure exactly). She had a list and one of the points in them were to set a goal for you to achieve and to achieve it. It needn't be something large....but a small one like writing someone a letter, or making a phone call to your friend. 
I had been thinking of cleaning my cupboard and getting my clothes organized ever since I started working cause its a big mess. So I set that as my goal for the weekend and actually got down to doing it. It took a lot of my time but in the end I had them all sorted out - work clothes, casual wear, home clothes....and so on. I did feel proud of myself about the end result - a clean cupboard with clothes in the hangers that I could pull out and wear before I went for work. This saved my time in the morning on deciding what to wear and digging for them at the bottom of the shelves. 
What is amazing is that it had a multiple effect. I realized that I had loads of lovely clothes that I used to fit into before my pregnancy and now I can't button them up :( . So I decided to get serious about losing my baby weight. Again something I keep thinking about but somehow manage to find excuses not to do it. So I began to allot 30 min. of my time 5 days a week for walking and making healthy food choices. I even started blogging my efforts to keep me motivated.
So what I am trying to say is that sometimes we intend to do things but never get down to doing them. Just think how we would actually benefit if we did them. Have you thought about cleaning your kitchen shelves or re-arranging you room and never did it yet? I believe if you do it you will always have a positive out come from it.
The simple everyday things that we mean to do and keep postponing can add to clutter in our lives. So just do them, but not all at once please. Lets go one at a time and break them up into small bits that you can fit into your schedule.

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