Thursday, 30 September 2010

Baby Steps

“Children learn from their parents” it’s a very common phrase and it’s quite true. But have you tried learning from them for a change?
I believe babies are God’s little angles and they remain so until this world and we corrupt them (or let’s say until they learn from their surroundings). As I watch my 7 month old baby I begin to realize that somehow my baby has lots to teach me.
These are some of the things I learned from him:
1. Forgive and forget
No matter how many times i get angry with him the moment I smile at him he smiles back. He never holds any grudges against me.
2. Accepts people
He likes every one. Form the cleaner boy in the mall who smiles at him to the well dressed women in the next seat. 
3. Not afraid to try new things
The moment he understood the art of crawling he shifted his attention to the next big step "standing up".
4.Never give up
Even though he has fallen umpteen number of times and bumped his head on the furniture he still never gives up. He is still trying to master the skill of standing up.
5. Smile 
He smiles at anyone who smile at him. He smiles at me when I am sad or angry and my mood immediately changes.He even wakes up with a smile every morning.
6.Be Active
My son has a tremendous amount of energy in his little body that it surprises me sometimes. He is always moving around or playing and his hands and legs are still only when he sleeps.
Babies love to observe things around them. This helps them to learn more.

There is a passage in the Gospel where Jesus tells us to be like little children. I think now I understand why. They are simple and less complicated than us and they are so full of positive energy. They are willing to lean and so lovable.


  1. I always admired the way you think and the style of your writing it always inspired me.I feel happy that now alot many people will be there to share my same opinion......

  2. Thanks a lot for the encouragement....


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