Monday, 16 August 2010

Think About It

We take so many things for granted. I am not taking about the people around us (though we take them for granted too) but I am talking about something simpler than that. It’s so simple that we don’t even think about it. It’s our sense of smell.Have you ever smelled something that brought back fond memories of your childhood or some person like your grandmother or something that is connected with your past? Well it happened to me a few weeks back.

I had lost my interest in reading and the only reading I do was mainly connected to Parenting and baby care as I have a 5n ½ month old boy to take care of and his monthly developments and weekly progress keeps me busy. I hate surprises when it come to my baby so I read everything before hand so that I can be prepared (not much of a help though).Any way I decided I needed to read some novels or books that did not relate to “baby”. And as part of that decision I took a stroll in a book store and was looking at something light to pick up to start my reading activity. To my delight I spotted a Chetan Bhagat book. I had heard a lot about this author especially after the movie “3 Idiots” which was an adaptation of his novel “5 point someone”. I picked up a love story by him named “2 States”.

So after a lot of commotion and unsettling business finally one day when it was peace and quite (that’s when my son is asleep) I took out my book which I had purchased some days back in the hope of reading and turned the pages, they felt crisp and nice and I put the opened book to my nose and took in the scent of those printed pages that contained an authors expressions and feelings and to my great surprise I went floating back to my school days (blast from the past)……hmmmm…….why? well those pages smelled exactly like my English Literature text book… I was not in Chetan Bhagat's world of literature but I was in my own story land where I was in school and seated in class with my Literature text book….and it smelled so good….I recalled a few of my teachers and some of my class mates it was a memorable trip….I remembered how I loved Literature and how much I enjoyed those literature classes more than the other subjects that put too much pressure on my brain cells….I wanted to take up literature when I went to college and become a journalist …..I just remembered how I used to like the way one of my English teachers taught…. I can remember her in person….her height and figure and her style of teaching….she was normal when she talked to us but when she read passages from the text or said dialogues of the person in a play she would become someone else…her voice changed and she would become the character or the narrator….I loved the way she took class....and in my 11th and 12th standard classes when all the science and math gave me a tough time the only thing I looked forward to in my day was the English period…I wasn’t a grammar and composition person, I just like the prose and poetry part of the English literature…..I never did well in those compositions, essay writing, letter writing or report witting assignments we had in class but once in 5th or 6th standard I won 1st prize for a writing competition. The topic was “Autobiography of a Tree” another great memory cause I never usually get these things correct….if you went through my assignment book you will see only B’s as grading for my writing ranging from B+, B to B- ….Well those were the days….with pony tails and hair bands, uniforms and school bags, books of varying sizes and ink pens, pencils and sharpeners……...seems so long ago…..

So that’s how my sense of smell took me down a memory lane…I traveled from class to class remembering all my English literature teachers or at least most of them and some of my lessons too….Oh! and Chetan Bhagat had to wait for another day on my side table to be read as my son woke up and gave me a huge toothless grin reminding me that his nap time is over and mummy is on call…..maybe when he starts school I will get to read all those Literature stories again if they didn’t upgrade and change the CBSE syllabus like they always do but then there is still time for that.

Have you ever had any such feelings when you smelled some delicious cuisine or like me smelled books, or flowers, or the smell of rain on sand, the smell of freshly ground coffee? Take a moment to appreciate your sense organs because they really add so much to life……something we take for granted. Let’s enjoy and indulge or senses a little more each day. Take time and enjoy the food you eat, enjoy the smell and taste of coffee or tea (whichever you like), smell the blossoms, the feel of soft fabric, the soft touch of a baby, the feel of water when your under the shower, the sounds you get to hear (even the annoying ones…at least you can hear them) and take in the sights you see around you.


  1. Yes, it is true, sometimes I have similar feelings that memories emerge from the bottom of mind when i sense something...perhaps those are sleeping memories awaken by the sense. I dont know how the brain connecting these things. Really thank you to write this exceptional experience...!

  2. Well I should thank you for encouraging me to voice my opinions so openly....


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