Thursday, 12 August 2010

Friends !!

August is a month that I associate with friendship bands and friends. It brings back sweet memories about the time I shared with some of my most amazing friends during my college years. This is dedicated to all my dear friends. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING.....
There is a saying that goes something like this "Each new friend creates a new world within us, a world not born until we meet them".... I feel this is so true....each friend I have made has helped me find something in me that I never knew existed until I met them.
Carol: my friend in school who taught me to take things lightly and to cultivate my sense of humour - she used to make fun of all our teachers and imitate them. At first I didn't like this cause I believed that we should never make fun of our teachers but as the days went by I realized that though she made fun of them she did respect them and in fact it was a lot of fun. I became a more social and friendly person because of my association with her. I was a quite person in class and most of my classmates didn't know what kind of a person i was but she made me open up and I made lots of friends because of her.
Dave: my senior in college who was a bundle of optimism. She was full of positive energy and I liked the way she lived her life "to the fullest"...she is one of my inspirations to start blogging. She has a blog of her own and i really like reading her blogs....this made me think "why can't I too do the same?" well so here I took her example and have started blogging.
Ren: one of my friends who have been with me in school and later in college was responsible for introducing English Movies into my life...Oh! yes I was kind of outdated in that department...I used to watch Kid English movies not the real serious type but thanks to this particular person I started enjoying English Movies a lot. There are more to my list of friends but that's for another time....
World would never be the same without friends. Especially during those teenage and college years when life gets so complicated and out of hand and confusing that our parents can't seem to decode us...its our friends who we turn to for comfort....right from the 1st crush we have to any topic under the sun we can tell them and we feel quite safe with them.
Well that's about 3 of my good friends....there are lots more of them on the list. I cherish all of them and they are all unique in their own way. They have each taught me something new....and enriched my life in more ways than one.


  1. I appreciate your great effort to recollect the memories on a blog site which enables you to share ideas and opinion. I do agree with you that one of the real assets in life is the friendship we made round us which is immortal. You have nicely memorized some of your friends and their influence in your life, which make feel them proud of you. Go ahead with writings on your perception of surroundings even if it is a criticism. You can expect my support and help always.

  2. Ranji, I love this blog .... after all how can I not, when I am on that list LOL!

    On a serious note I am so blessed to have you as my dear friend too. Luv and miss you Ranji ... hugs & kisses ..Dev

  3. Thanks Dev for your time and comments...


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